The Call of the Spanked Bottom: Six stories of M/F bare bottom discipline (Stories Of Spanked Women)

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The Call of the Spanked Bottom: Six stories of M/F bare bottom discipline (Stories Of Spanked Women)

The Call of the Spanked Bottom: Six stories of M/F bare bottom discipline (Stories Of Spanked Women)

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And the thing is I'd like to be able to form a stable relationship. I'd like to love a man. I'm ashamed of having so many sexual partners. But it seems like I can't restrain myself, and it breaks my heart. Slight of stature Vera may be, but she is what would be called “wiry” in a man—strong and athletic in a compact frame. I managed to stifle further outcry for the next dozen spanks, but Vera was applying the paddle with at least as much authority as Lucille ever did. Eventually I could no longer keep my distress under control, and I began to beg and plead for her to stop. When this had no effect, I cried out and promised to mend my ways. The paddling proceeded unabated. I ultimately surrendered completely and lay sobbing in submission as Vera continued to apply spank after burning spank to my naked and defenseless bottom.

She Runs This Household - Jonathan Quincy Graves Spanking Fiction She Runs This Household - Jonathan Quincy Graves Spanking Fiction

My Dad began dating a woman named Kate, and by the time of my summer visit in 1984 she and her kids were living with him. Kate was an attractive woman in her early 30s and had two daughters from a previous marriage – Denise, who was eight at the time, and six-year-old Kristie. I countered by saying that I was too old to be spanked, and asked what would happen if I simply refused to submit to the punishment, as she wasn’t my parent nor my teacher. This Next weekend, I’ll be moving out of my apartment and into the master bedroom here,” Vera stated as I copied what she’d written. “Make certain it is ready for me. You may take one of the boys’ rooms. I’ll need to be near my sister’s records, and all her other responsibilities, if I’m to do an adequate job with them.”So right after saying what I somehow tought I needed to say I instantly knew I f**ked up. I felt my cheeks warming up. I looked at the teacher. He was staring at me. He gave me a dirty look. I felt mortified. Then I perceived a change in his gaze, and then the arising of a very, very, subtle smirk (that I was probably the only one in the class to notice). The Vicar at Saint Hugh’s Church used her as an example many times. “If you are not sure what to do, go and see her, she’ll have probably done it before, she’s marvellous!” I wept openly at the loss. Lucille was my rudder, my anchor—my disciplinarian, yes, but also my wife, guardian and lover. Although all of our friends knew Lucille was in charge, no one ever knew the details of the agreement and relationship we shared, at least not in full. I found I was lost without her. My performance at the office suffered significantly, and in my depressed state I ignored the solicitations of our friends, finding little remaining joy in life.

My true life spanking story, sorry, quite long - LiveJournal My true life spanking story, sorry, quite long - LiveJournal

Mildred was walking by, the strains of the spanking symphony drifted through the window turning into a cocophony of sound, hard whups! and long, long howls of pain! She nodded satisfactorily. “Good old Mummy, keeping up the standards, that’ll teach her!”

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Here's another listing of spanky goodies, so do make your way to the LSF to read your favourite spanking stories... not just the recently loaded ones, as there are over 27,000 others too! I wonder how long it would take to read every single one of them ... Taking both dice with shaking fingers, she clutched them in her clammy fist, her eyes imploring him to determine her fate. She trusted his decisions.

Summertime smacked bottoms – Maman: spanking memories

He caressed her cheek and kissed her lips. She responded, grateful for his tenderness, and hot as hell. "I'm sorry," she murmured, tremors of guilt throbbing through her core. NOTE FROM THE ORIGINAL: My favorite stories are about the beginnings of spanking relationships. This piece is an unauthorized sequel to a special favorite of this type that appeared in the fiction section of the Disciplinary Wives Club titled, “Guess Who Runs This Household” by Ralph. My sincere compliments to that author, and I hope he does not mind that I have written this sequel.He frowned. Her attitude had been a growing problem since they'd woken. Mr. and Mrs. Davenport had founded their trusted software business twenty years ago, developing an extensive client base. Relationships mattered to them. Decades younger, he needed to convey a loving, homely impression to win their hearts and acquire their company.

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