SIXPAD Abs Fit EMS Abdominal Trainer Training Gear

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SIXPAD Abs Fit EMS Abdominal Trainer Training Gear

SIXPAD Abs Fit EMS Abdominal Trainer Training Gear

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I initially started out on an intensity of level 8, but I’m now using it on 15 – the top-most level – and that feels like a limitation. The highest level doesn’t feel that intense after a few sessions, so a few extra levels would have been welcome. However, it turns out there are benefits to the practice of electric muscle stimulation technology, according to peer-reviewed research papers. One study, published in the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, looked at the strength of participants beforehand when asked to lower their body while standing on one leg, like a pistol squat. Half the group did eight weeks of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) training, while the other half did traditional strength work. Other than that, it works under the same idea, using EMS to stimulate calves, and tibia muscles all the way up to your thighs. It will also improve circulation in your feet. If you’ve taken a look at the app that Sixpad uses, you’ll have been met with less than favourable review scores. With one user stating: The Sixpad kit is small enough to take with you on trips where you know you’re unlikely to have time to train, which is handy for those who get anxious about not hitting the gym.

Sixpad is a brand that has a range of products in the home fitness space. Their main product range is based around the use of electrical stimulation to contract muscles and make them stronger and bigger. Both devices require you to attach conductive gel pads to the rear electrodes, and one set is included with each of the Abs Fit and Body Fit kits. The gels help to carry the electrical current into your body, but are an ongoing cost you’ll need to keep in mind as they need replacing after around 30 uses. The Sixpad system is a brilliant additional way to work pretty much every muscle group you can think of. (Albeit a limited number at a time). It doesn’t take long to use and is the perfect time saver if you use it when watching TV, reading or working. The Abs Fit device is designed to match the shape of your abdominals, with the intensity control unit at the centre of the device. The Body Fit is shaped more like a boomerang, since it’s meant to wrap around your limbs or waist. Both devices are made from a soft, flexible rubber that contours to your body. If you take the SIXPAD Abs Belt for what it is, a complimentary abs training device that works best if you put some effort into abs training anyhow, you won't be disappointed, especially if you do as you are told and use the SIXPAD Abs Belt every day for a longer period of time.The Body Fit is also designed to be worn on your waist, but I rarely tried this – in my opinion, it’s a fruitless endeavour. There isn’t much in the way of muscle across your waist, so there’s little reason to wear it here, plus you can’t spot-reduce fat for those looking to slim their waist down.

Using the SIXPAD Abs Belt can definitely be felt in your abs, though. I went up to the fifth power setting and my ab muscles were jumping like there is no tomorrow. After the training session, I could feel the workout in my muscles, maybe not as intensely as after doing a hanging leg raise/ab rollout session, but considering I was just sitting around with a belt wrapped around my torso, it's not too bad. The fact that I maxed out the Sixpad’s training intensity is also problematic, since your body is exceptionally good at adapting to stimulus, meaning progress eventually stalls. To get a better gauge on whether I’d made any lean muscle gains, I lowered my body fat percentage with a week of zero carb dieting (the things I do for this job!) to help strip away some of the abdominal fat. The result was that I felt I did have more pronounced abdominal muscles by the end, and they definitely felt more solid and dense. The system is far more elegant than EMS systems that have separate control units connected to individual pads through cables, although with those you can be more specific with individual pad placement.

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It was found there was significant improvement in both groups, and the EMS trained group got stronger. However, greater improvements were seen in the traditional strength training cohort. Speak to any bodybuilder or weight-trainer and you’ll probably hear the phrase “time under tension”, and it’s this that causes the muscle breakdown and corresponding repair that leads to growth. There’s a lot of science behind this and it’s used by physios too – This feels like it’s doing a lot but it’s reassuring to know that it’s not just some gadget a company came up with. EMS is a serious tool that has a lot of research behind it. If viewed as a supplementary tool in your training arsenal, the Sixpad achieves its aim. If you’re looking at an easy way to get ripped without putting any effort it, not surprisingly, you’ll be disappointed. After all, if it were that easy then we’d all have a body like Cristiano Ronaldo.

The SIXPAD Abs Belt comes in a big flat box and I was surprised just how big it was. Come to think of it, the large size is understandable since the SIXPAD Abs Belt is supposed to train the entirety of your abs, including the obliques, and that is a large area to cover. It also comes in two sizes (medium and large) so if you are larger (in any way), you can opt in for the larger belt to make sure all areas are covered properly. I always like to do a write up on who I think will get the most out of a product and who won’t find this useful. Here’s some thoughts on who will and won’t like this product. Who will love the Sixpad? SIXPAD works by transmitting external electrical stimuli to the muscles in the body. This causes them to contract and relax – like during a core workout.They don’t weigh as much as you might think– Older EMS systems were bulky and awkward. The Sixpad system has a slim profile and a lightweight across the range. I’ve been powerlifting for long enough that I can say with a great degree of confidence that my core actually became stronger after using the Sixpad. As a frame of reference, my deadlift went from 185kg to 195kg, while my bodyweight maintained at 62kg. When it comes to using the Sixpad, the actual training experience between the Abs Fit and the Body Fit devices differs quite drastically, so I’ll describe each separately.

However, what it can do, if used consistently, is strengthen your core and lead to genuine gains in key areas of your training. Never use at the same time as the following kinds of medical electrical devices. Doing so may cause an accident or the medical device to malfunction and result in significant bodily harm. Any notion of multitasking while wearing the Body Fit goes right out the window. Even on a low level the contractions are so distracting and powerful that your hands are essentially rendered useless. I wouldn’t call the experience painful, but it’s very uncomfortable and I did stop the session early on a few early occasions.

Does this replace training with weights?

Sadly, although the Sixpad gear is something pretty much anyone could benefit from, it’s not going to replace resistance training. Instead, I find it’s better to think of it as a really effective thing to do alongside your workout. I know a lot of people like to use this before they work out too.

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