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My Sister is Sleeping

My Sister is Sleeping

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I got out of bed in the dark and slowly used my hand to make its way under the covers while my sister, who I’ll call Leigh, slept. I can still remember myself getting so sexually excited while I had my hands under the bed covers of Leigh. So, I ran my hands along her young body, parting her panties to the side as I did and running my fingers along her private regions. As I ran my hand up to her pussy mound, I could feel the soft downy early-adolescent hair that was now growing on her young pussy. I also felt the wetness of her pussy, which surprised me since she was asleep. I learned later that the sexual moistening is an involuntary reflex based on any type of stimulation or the vagina and not always a direct sexual response. But as time went by, I slowly began to wonder....a brother and sister in love is seen as disturbing. But why? Besides the only feelings that I felt, what else makes a sexual relationship so stigmatized? Is this issue really as forbidden as we sometimes make it seem, or could this type of thing actually be....okay? What if we're violating the rights to love?

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I even feel uncomfortable writing about it. I think there's a part of me that wanted things to be okay, so I think I must have suppressed some of the memory. Like in that moment I woke up I sort of denied it? If that make sense. I clearly remember that the day after I had this weird feeling when I went to the toilet. I felt something wasn't right. I might have had some discharge too, but can't remember that exactly (sorry for the details, but it is important for my understanding). I have memories that I started to see in a new light. One time I was lying on my dad's tummy watching tv (he had a big, soft tummy that I liked to use as a pillow). He put his hand down his pants and I thought he was scratching himself. I must have been like 8-10 yo then. He kept doing it, and I wanted him to stop. Afterwards he had a wet spot on his pants, and I remember laughing cos I thought he had peed his pants. He just grinned when I laughed.. It took me many years to understand what really happened.. Because I always thought he had pied his pants.. Then I had this realization that omg, it wasn't pee at all. As I approached my 12 year old sisters bed, and slowly began to put money under her pillow, she said my name aloud. She said sleeping on her side facing me. She asked if I could cuddle her - just for tonight. I nodded and went onto her bed. She turned around so I was in a spooning position behind her. I put my right hand around her and we slept together.There's no really good reason to be against it if both of them consent to it and both are not minors. Mums sister is now living in another city and doesnt have access to the children like she use to, but Ima make sure my other sister knows. Im scared so scared, if the children are hurt because I have said nothing all these years.................... So, all of the kids viewed his penis and more during this training period and I am not aware if any of them are scarred by this or not. I do know that children can be manipulated by others into exposing themselves and more and then when they stop the child sometimes cannot and they keep repeating things whether it be exposing themselves or touching themselves or others. They are too young to understand right from wrong really and only know that there brain is telling them to do things (urges).

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This knowledge about what happened to her started the process for me. I have always felt like something wasn't like it should be at my dad's place. But I felt like I was paranoid, or dumb because my older sister and my dad went around looking all happy even if I felt it wasn't true. And I had always felt guilty about thinking like that about my dad. My main reasons....it's extremity in being exotic and my great concerns for a child born from incest...brought me the conclusion to be completely against something like this.My family is unfortunately not doing as well. We live in a three bedroom apartment. I let my 15 year old sister have her own bedroom, my parents have their own room, and my two sisters (12 and 9) share a bedroom but have different beds.

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