Shark Scrub + Steam Blaster, 7.48'' x 14.96'' x 47.44'', Rose Gold/Black

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Shark Scrub + Steam Blaster, 7.48'' x 14.96'' x 47.44'', Rose Gold/Black

Shark Scrub + Steam Blaster, 7.48'' x 14.96'' x 47.44'', Rose Gold/Black

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Plug in the unit, tilt the mop handle down, and press the mode button to select the DEEP setting. The pads will then start spinning. The mop does drift to the sides, but that doesn't bother me because it makes the mop feel lighter to use, it almost seems to hover, but definitely scrubs to perfection. I would be concerned for someone who is not stable on their feet to use this mop, the mop will bounce away if it hits something. it is very easy to use and have a similar feeling to using a vacuum cleaner with a slight difference where you would feel a tiny resistance from the rotating disks. the pads are machine washable, and you have 4 pads in the box, so if 2 are being washed, you always have 2 ready to be used.

The Shark Steam & Scrub uses two microfiber scrubbing pads, and comes with a total of four pads. The pads are composed of Polyester and Nylon which washes clean very easily, and should also be reasonably durable. Replacement pads are also available. The Steam & Scrub also comes with a plastic cup which Shark refers to as a filling “flask”, which is uniquely shaped to accommodate the narrow lid of the water tank. The cup holds approximately 8 ounces of water, and the water tank on the Shark Steam & Scrub has a capacity of approximately 16 ounces. I found that when operated primarily in the “Normal” cleaning mode, 16 ounces of distilled water provided approximately 30 minutes of steam operation.This works great! Super cleans my kitchen floor. I have flooring that has lots a crevices for dark dirt to build up, I use to use a scrub brush and ajax to try to get my kitchen floor to look decent, even though I owned a different Shark steam mop that broke after several years of use, but this new Shark rotating mop somehow cleans out the dirt from the crevices. I'm so happy about that! No more getting on my knees to scrub. This mop cleans better than when I used to scrub the floor by hand. Operating the Steam & Scrub effectively removed light dirt, but had no perceptible impact on any of the heavier dirt. For those dirtier tiles I advanced the cleaning mode to Deep cleaning, however the improvement was very modest, and still below my apparently unrealistic expectations. The supplied microfiber scrubbing pads are easily attached to the bottom of the unit. They are a large 7-¼” diameter which gives the Shark Steam & Scrub a wide cleaning path. The scrubbing pads have an integral donut shaped plastic ring with teeth that align with slots in the drive spindles. The attachment of the scrubbing pads to the spindles is completed with four Velcro pads. Even with the integral alignment aid, the scrubbing pads do not center absolutely perfectly, which results in minor oscillation of the mop head while in operation. It features 3 cleaning levels: Light, Normal, and Deep. Included is a water filling flask, and I was surprised by how little water it takes to fill the reservoir, and how long it lasted with the water tank filled. I used it on the Normal setting, and was able to clean my Master Bath, Home Office, and Living Room one one and half tanks of water. The water reservoir is very easy to fill because it takes so little water and thankfully there is no dirty water reservoir to drain.

This Shark Steam and Scrub Steam Mop offers outstanding cleaning power and a lightweight, easy to handle design. The steering and maneuverability are remarkable, and make cleaning my hard floors as easy as can be. The smooth handling, low-profile design allows me to reach tight spaces around the house with ease. It is perfect for scrubbing big or small areas around the house. In our estimation, although the Steam & Scrub has some capabilities, and may be quite satisfactory for some users and applications, we didn’t save any time or effort as compared to conventional mopping. Also, in our estimation the final results were not visibly better than mopping with floor cleaner. Additionally, we found that the Steam & Scrub left the tiles even wetter than a conventional mop. Shark recommends using only distilled water, which is clearly intended to prevent the formation of mineral scale deposits which would occlude the steam producing components. Shark does not approve of using any other fluids or chemicals in the water tank, including vinegar. Since vinegar cannot be used, the Shark cannot be readily descaled if mineral deposits resultant from using tap water were to clog the internal components.Sanitization studies were conducted under controlled test conditions. Household conditions and results may vary. With mop head in DEEP mode. We have a few thousand square feet of glazed ceramic tile in our home, therefore we hoped that the Shark Steam & Scrub, Scrubbing and Sanitizing Steam Mop Model S7001 would be a new, better method of keeping those floors clean and sanitary. We have other Shark products which perform well, thus we had high expectations for the Steam & Scrub mop. My initial impressions are somewhat mixed, and somewhat less than we had hoped for. The cleaning efficiency of the Steam & Scrub might be enhanced by spraying floor cleaner / detergent on the floor in front of the Steam & Scrub thereby loosening and dissolving dirt with the floor cleaner which cannot be used in the water tank of the Steam & Scrub. That augmentation might also reduce the offensive odor of the steam mop, and replace it with the scent of the floor cleaner product.

It is only designed to clean hard floors. There are no attachments or accessories beyond replacement pads. Shark also makes the product claim that the Steam & Scrub “Steam Sanitizes 99.9% Bacteria Removal”. It features bright LED lights that are useful for illuminating hard to see areas. Another great feature is the 22 foot long power cord that minimizes the amount of times that I have to change outlets. Includes 2 sets of cleaning pads. Cleaning pads are reusable and can be cleaned in the washing machine. This steam mop did a great job removing some tough stains on my kitchen tile. We had cleaned the floor with a regular mop last week, but it still felt and looked dirty. We own another steam mop that we seldom use, because it was hard work to get results – the spinning pads on this mop make steaming cleaning fast and easy.Sanitizing requires following specific instructions and takes time. Per the instructions - You have to use the deep clean setting, let the mop get hot (3 minutes) and go very slowly (passing over each area 15 times).

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