Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) 50g by PureChimp | Ceremonial Grade from Japan | Pesticide-Free | Recyclable Glass Jar & Aluminium Lid

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Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) 50g by PureChimp | Ceremonial Grade from Japan | Pesticide-Free | Recyclable Glass Jar & Aluminium Lid

Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) 50g by PureChimp | Ceremonial Grade from Japan | Pesticide-Free | Recyclable Glass Jar & Aluminium Lid

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If you have the chance to see a matcha's color, even looking up pictures online, you can get a better sense of its taste and quality. Brighter usually means better. Striking green hues indicate more flavor and less bitterness, while duller colors or yellowish tints are signs that matcha is either lower quality or better used for cooking purposes. Matcha tea has come into the mainstream in recent years, and it is touted for its health benefits. The tea leaves are harvested and then ground down into a bright green powder. They can be dissolved and whisked into hot water or cold milk. Unlike regular tea leaves that are brewed, matcha powder retains more of its nutritional value — matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than traditional brewed green teas. The most common style of matcha tea is usucha, or "thin tea." To make usucha, scoop 1 teaspoon of matcha powder into a bowl. Next, heat water to 176 degrees and pour 2 to 4 ounces over the matcha powder. Use a matcha whisk, also called a Chasen, to blend the water and matcha powder; briskly whisk in a "W" or "M" pattern for around 20 seconds until the matcha has evenly dissolved. From there the tea is ready to drink. You can add a creamer or more water as well as sweeteners like honey and sugar to suit your taste.

This is my first foray into matcha tea and I am very impressed! The tea is a nice colour green and mixed well using the supplied whisk. I get the feeling whoever is in customer service shouldn't be there. Yes a mistake was made but blaming the customer for it in a rather curt fashion and then only responding to direct requests, trying to push the work onto them at any given chance, I hope they get a professional in to do this job instead. The attitude wasn't great and performance only a notch above mediocre. Matcha is a fine, rich powder, that is full of antioxidants. The deep green color is from its high chlorophyll content. A little bit about PureChimp Matcha Green Tea Product And The Brand Ethics Green Tea has be one of my favorite beverages since I discovered it over 15 years ago. Like most people, I’d go for the brands you typically find in the supermarket such as Twining’s, Clippers, or Tetley. And there’s nothing particularly bad about them, they taste fine! At least until you try pure matcha green tea from PureChimp. Having a cup of green tea in the morning has become somewhat of a ritual for me over the years but I started to use products that had flavoring in them such as lemon, ginger, or jasmine. However, with the matcha tea, I prefer it natural and untainted with any other flavors.Due to a brief harvest season, select growing regions, and the effort it takes to cultivate and grind green tea leaves, matcha powder is pricey, especially compared to coffee and tea. The price point has a high floor, and if you come across a brand selling ceremonial matcha far below other competitors it should raise some eyebrows regarding the quality. However, Chamberlain Coffee manages to sell its ceremonial matcha powder in the lowest average price tier without sacrificing quality. It doesn't have the rich umami flavor of high-end matcha powders, but it has a balance of sweetness and earthiness, and it blends well. We considered several factors in selecting our top ceremonial matcha. Taste weighs heavily, of course, but price, variety of sizes, and sourcing region are components as well, which is why Matcha Konomi’s Akira Organic Ceremonial Matcha is a terrific all-around option, suitable for newbies to longtime fanatics. Just keep in mind that this is not the flat-out tastiest matcha powder you can buy; for that, look at higher-priced products (some of which are included on this list).

It’s best not to pour boiling water into the cup, so let it cool down for a minute or two first. I’ve found that this helps a lot and improves the taste. Getting the right temperature is important for the perfect brew!Each 1/2 teaspoon of PureChimp matcha green tea will contain approximately 59 mg of EGCG. This is the catechin in green tea that has been investigated all over the world for its health-promoting properties. Each cup will also contain 32 mg of caffeine. Purechimp matcha stands out due to its vibrant green color, smooth texture, and distinctive taste. Its high-quality, shade-grown tea leaves result in a rich, umami flavor profile that sets it apart from lower-grade matcha products. Additionally, the company's commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices further elevates its appeal among conscious consumers. Our favorite mushroom-boosted matcha is Renude's Chaga Matcha, which combines ceremonial grade matcha sourced from Japan with chaga mushrooms. Cacao, Ceylon cinnamon, and monk fruit sweetener are also added to create a delicious flavor. We tried the matcha ourselves and were impressed by how much sweeter it is than typical matcha, yet it doesn't contain any sugar. This makes it especially suitable for iced matcha too. There are two main grades of matcha: culinary and ceremonial. The former is best for cooking purposes, the latter for general drinking purposes. You can whisk ceremonial matcha with hot water for traditional tea or mix it with milk for a matcha latte.

But maybe you’re new to the world of green tea and you’re saying to yourself: “matcha, sencha? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, I just drink green tea…”

I’m enjoying the product so much and they have a great policy to give 5% of the profits to charity to help chimps. The only complaint I've had is if you really need to make sure the tea is whisked well, other wise it can be slightly gritty when you get to the end of the cup, however this is a very small complaint, and one easily rectified! I followed the instructions on the jar that said to put in about half a teaspoon of matcha into a little cold water and stir to mix it in. Once that’s done, you can pour in the water from the kettle to fill the cup and continue to mix it. It's become increasingly common in recent years to come across coffee mixed with mushrooms—or, more specifically, with compounds extracted from mushrooms, known as adaptogens. The same is true with matcha. The thousand-year-old green tea pairs well with apoptogenic mushrooms as both have a naturally earthy taste. Yes, Purechimp matcha is both organic and ethically sourced from a Japanese supplier. The company prides itself on using only the finest shade-grown tea leaves from sustainable tea plantations. This ensures that the matcha is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and produced with utmost respect for the environment.

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