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Punk 57

Punk 57

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The letter exchanges continued long past just the one year, but eventually, they had been sending letters for a whopping 7 years. The only way to go on speaking to a person for seven years without having seen them at all is by setting up a few rules: they can’t see each other by any circumstances. But I keep my arms crossed and narrow my eyes on her. She’s seriously going to keep up with this charade? Well, the police just got here,” Ten informs us. “The police?” I whisper. “I didn’t think what we did was that bad.” “No, it’s not for the vandalism. It’s for Trey. A bunch of kids—several girls—are in the office, ratting him out. I guess the posts got to them.” “You should really go, then,” I tell Misha. But just then Principal Burrowes approaches us and my heart skips a beat. “Mr. Laurent? Come with me now.” He stares at her for a moment. But I jump in. “Why?” “I think he knows why.” He hesitates for a moment, and I think he’s going to fight like last time, but he doesn’t. He takes a step. “No, no, no…” I burst out. “He didn’t do anything.” “It’s okay,” he assures under his breath. But Burrowes interjects, looking at me. “I show you on the log as the last person, other than the janitor, to sign out and leave the school Friday evening,” she tells me. “Now that’s not unusual, since you stay late to teach swim lessons, but then it occurred to me that you have a key. And then I remembered the company you’ve been suddenly keeping.” She glances at Misha. “Did you take her key?” “No!” I answer for him. “Yes,” he says. Oh, Jesus. “It’s okay,” he says again. “I’ll be fine.” She leads him away, and I throw up my hands, feeling helpless. Why didn’t he just walk out like last time? He doesn’t have to protect me, and he knows I won’t let him take the fall. What is he doing?

Everything is bad. The writing is bad. The scenarios are bad. Misha starts living under a different name in a different city, being basically homeless, and he still gets to go to school every day, and the thing that’s in his mind is this popular cheerleader bully. How did he enroll in school with a different name? Where does he get money? How could he live in this abandoned theme park? Why is there power in this abandoned theme park? This whole book feels like a fantasy. It ignores worldbuilding, character building, relationship building, etc. Punk 57 Book Review: How forced the relationship is, no chemistry at all;

Okay, sorry. I just had a Facebook break, so I feel better now. Not sure when I turned into such an idiot, but I’m glad you put up with it.

Alright, I gotta go. But yes, to answer your question, that lyric you sent me last time sounds great. Go with it, and I can’t wait to read the whole song. Punk 57 is absolutely not appropriate, actually, the only good part is the 18+ scenes. Is Punk 57 a bully romance? And, the first chapter is really good. Misha is nice, interesting, and mysterious. Most of these bad boy guys are as*holes and this is different with him. He cares about his sister, he’s in love with this girl, he goes to this party to support his friends, he’s in a band. The setting of the first chapter is also really cool. He has great chemistry with his friends, and his personality is nice. In the "Note From the Author" section at the end of the book, Douglas says something that I think is worth sharing:


At school, Ryen and her friend Lyla are involved in a bake sale. Masen and his friends approach, and there’s playful banter between them. Masen’s mysterious nature continues to intrigue Ryen, and she’s drawn to him despite the secrets he’s keeping. When she meets the confident athlete Garrett, he proposes a deal she can’t ignore. If Hannah helps Garret improve his grades, he will help her break out of her shell and get her crush’s attention. But after the school year ended, we didn’t stop. Even though we live less than thirty miles away from each other and have Facebook now, we continue to communicate this way because it keeps it special. This is my second book by Penelope Douglas. The first I've read from her was CORRUPT, and that was lent to me by a kind GR friend via Kindle. I thought CORRUPT was okay, with reservations. I don't normally go in for erotica, especially erotica that reads like straight-up porn. All the men in that book were misogynistic and rapey, too, which added another level of nope. But the plot was decent and she was good at setting a decent pace, so I sort of half-enjoyed, half-wtf'd my way through the thing and at the end of the book, I wasn't mad. It was a flawed but decent read.

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