FunCakes Fondant multipack pastel colors: easy to use, smooth, flexible, soft and pliable, perfect for cake decorating, halal, kosher and gluten free. 5 colors, 5 x 100 g

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FunCakes Fondant multipack pastel colors: easy to use, smooth, flexible, soft and pliable, perfect for cake decorating, halal, kosher and gluten free. 5 colors, 5 x 100 g

FunCakes Fondant multipack pastel colors: easy to use, smooth, flexible, soft and pliable, perfect for cake decorating, halal, kosher and gluten free. 5 colors, 5 x 100 g

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Our recipe includes gum tragacanth, which makes our Ready to Roll Icing pliable and strong, so it can be worked and shaped into just about anything. You won’t need to rush yourself as the icing stays supple while you work before setting with a firm surface. So you can create model flowers, people or whatever you desire and know they’ll look great when the cake is finally revealed. It also works well with cutters and in moulds for embellishments and decorations. In the UK, fondant icing is really a soft, warmed icing used for fondant fancies and suchlike, whereas ready rolled sugarpaste icing is a cold product - used at room temperature for covering the cake. Please Note: Customised or personalised items are excluded from the regulations and cannot be returned. Due to food safety concerns, ready-made cakes are not subject to return unless considered faulty or not fit for purpose. Cake Stuff also recommend Flemings Covapaste- another top quality trade sugar paste fondant icing available in white and ivory, with good covering properties and a lovely, almost fudgey, vanilla flavour. Covapasteis aimed at professional bakers with pinning and sheeting equipment as it slightly more elastic than other brands, but can just as easily be used by home bakers and cake decorators. With coloured sugarpaste icing it is very important to remember that each manufacturer has their own interpretation of colours . . . names of shades are used as an indication only and shades are subjective so please always try to buy a brand you are familiar with and don't mix and match brands or products. Please note that shades can even vary slightly between batches of the same product from the same manufacturer and that all ivory coloured sugarpaste fondant icing will pale slightly as it dries.

Fondant icing recipes - BBC Food

This cookie, set by YouTube, registers a unique ID to store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen. Divide the total amount of fondant in half, and knead a dash of blue food colouring into one half to create an icy blue colour.Well, if you want to make a chocolate éclair, you will probably want to glaze it with chocolate fondant icing instead of natural white one. You can accomplish this by adding some melted chocolate to softened fondant icing. If you have made petits fours of – let’s say – joconde sponge cake and raspberry jam filling, you will simply put some raspberry extract or reduced raspberry puree to your fondant icing. By doing that, at the same time you will make it pink and raspberry flavored. If you have neither extract nor puree, you can just add some red or pink edible color to the fondant icing, and that would suggest that inside of the petit four is a raspberry filling.

Fondant Icing from Cake Stuff Coloured Sugarpaste Ready to Roll Fondant Icing from Cake Stuff

Renshaw White Ready to Roll Icing is the perfect blank canvas for any cake, cupcake or bake. White fondant icing is a classic covering for fruit cake, and makes an ideal base for painted cakes. Put the thermometer in the syrup and cook until it reaches 112°C -115°C (233°F-239°F) for softer fondant, or 117°C-120°C (242°F-248°F) for firmer fondant. You should distinguish fondant icing or poured fondant from rolled fondant – a dough-like mixture of sugar, gelatin, and food-grade glycerin, widely used for decorating wedding cakes and birthday cakes. This type of fondant is usually rolled like a dough and used to cover cakes, but it is also suitable for making flowers, ribbons and other edible decorations. Recipe and Procedure for Making Fondant Icing You should know by now that I'm a huge fan of " Do what you want." HUGE fan. Like, the kind of fan that hides outside of a disco club in the bushes with nothing but an egg salad sandwich and a 3 month old copy of "Weekly World News" until 3 in the morning just to pretend that I *accidentally* bumped into them as they are leaving so I could introduce myself and then spend the next 20 minutes gushing about how much alike we are only to have the police called to pry me away from said object of affection and adoration.Purple is not included in the base colors but can be created by mixing Blue and Pink base colors together.

Fondant make every color with only 5 gel colours How To Color Fondant make every color with only 5 gel colours

We aim to provide cake decorators with a fantastic range of colours and bag sizes, giving you brilliant coverage and professional results every time. If you're worried about how much sugar paste you need, follow our how much sugar paste do I need to cover my cake guide. You’re ready to roll! Dust your counter again with icing sugar and the cornflour, then roll out your fondant icing until it is thin enough to cover your cake.Our Violet icing color can be used as is or mixed with other shades to produce lighter or darker purples. Violet Icing Color

Wilton Decorator Preferred Pastel Fondant, 4-Pack Fondant Icing Wilton Decorator Preferred Pastel Fondant, 4-Pack Fondant Icing

As you can see, you can play with the colors and flavors of your fondant icing, and make interesting variations and combinations. What is Rolled Fondant? Add in the water, one teaspoon at a time, and mix with a wooden spoon. Keep mixing until the sugar becomes too tough to stir. Sugarpaste, also known as ready-to-roll icing, has become the most popular medium used to cover cakes and make decorations like flowers. You can also use them in stencils to create intricate designs for your cakes. Our sugar paste for covering cakes Medium Purple: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + small amount Rose icing color and tiny amount Violet icing colorYou can make as much fondant as you like with this fondant icing recipe, but for every 250 grams of icing sugar you will need about 4-5 teaspoons of water. The cornflour is for rolling.

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