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Mind Trap Game

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A sequel to MindTrap, originally titled MindTrap - The Challenge Continues was released in 1997 by MindTrap Games, Inc. and Pressman Toy Corporation. The Roman numeral "II" was later added to this title. European released translations of the sequel include Greek, Portuguese and Spanish. In 2001 Ultimate MindTrap, the official sequel to MindTrap II, was released in the UK. Puzzles and brainteasers such as this are common in today’s game, but can you solve it? Read until the end to discover the answer! A Revived Quizzing Classic

MindTrap is a series of lateral thinking puzzle games played by two individuals or teams. Invented in Canada, it is the main product of MindTrap Games, Inc., who license the game for manufacture by various companies including Outset Media, Blue Opal, the Great American Puzzle Factory, Pressman Toy Corporation, Spears Games and Winning Moves. MindTrap - The Revised Edition (2007) - a new edition comprising puzzles from MindTrap and MindTrap II. When the "reader" fully comprehends the question and answer, the answering team (Team 2) is now free to re-read the question at their leisure. MindTrap 20th Anniversary Edition (2011) - does away with the playing board but adds two new categories to those available in MindTrap II.MindTrap 10th Anniversary Edition (2001) - same as the original game but comes in a 10th Anniversary Edition tin.

If Team 2 answers incorrectly, their turn is ended. However, the other players on Team 1 (excluding the reader) now have the opportunity to state the answer for a bonus point. If Team 2 answers correctly, they can either fill in one square on the pad and request another question, OR roll the die (0, 1, 2 or 3) and fill in the indicated value, thereby ending their turn. We will refer to the teams as 1 and 2. To begin, one person from Team 1 selects a card. After reading the question out loud, the "reader" flips the card over and reads the answer silently.


MindTrap French (2006) - the original game, translated into French and distributed by Outset Media. Answer : Place the apple on one person’s head. 8. I am strong enough to smash ships, but I fear the sun. What am I? I understand the need for this rule, since players could start making real logical leaps to justify their answers, but this hardly seems fair to a team that stated a valid answer, but scored no points because it wasn’t the one that the game had come up with. In my games, we did bend the rules, and allowed people to have another go, or a different question, in situations like this. If we had kept getting things wrong, then the game would have gone on for a very, very long time... Final Thoughts

The game begins with each team choosing one of the two center "hollow" squares which determines their path - light or dark. MindTrap - All New Audio Mystery Edition (1994) - double cassette of over 2 hours, including new mysteries (to the original). Another problem with MindTrap and MindTrap 2 is there is a lot of sitting around waiting for the other team. If you are only playing with two players, the reader basically can’t do anything while they wait for the other player to answer. With larger teams the players other than the reader can try to solve the mystery but they are still forced to wait for the other team. I think the game might have been better if both teams could have worked on the puzzles at the same time (outside of the reader of course) and whichever team could solve it first would receive the reward. The series seemed to somewhat go in this direction as MindTrap 2 has the team challenges which I think were good additions. There is still quite a bit of sitting around in MindTrap 2 though.

Object of the Game

In some cases, there may be more than one possible answer or solution to a question. When playing this game, however, only MindTrap’s answer is acceptable for the purposes of scoring.” Answer: Just four, in a square formation. 7. There are 20 people in an empty, square room. Each person has full sight of the entire room and everyone in it without turning his head or body, or moving in any way (other than the eyes). Where can you place an apple so that all but one person can see it? Answer : Ice. Pexels 9. How do you make the number 7 even without addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division?

Both board games fell at a similar height and angle, yet the scientist was relieved when the game from the time machine did not spill. If George’s father has four children – Eenie, Meenie, Miney – what is the name of his fourth child? MindTrap: Shadow Mysteries (2011) - for ages 12 and up. Includes detective scenarios from MindTrap's infamous characters "Detective Shadow", "Sid Shady" and "Sam Sham". Ultimate MindTrap (2001) - another sequel, with new puzzles in the various types introduced in MindTrap II.This isn’t to say that I had no fun playing MindTrap, and I’m sure that the family audience that sustained this game originally still exists. However, it now shows its age in an industry that has evolved far beyond a box of questions. Player interaction came about from discussing the game itself, rather than what was going on in the questions, and while 500+ questions is enough to sustain many matches, I struggle to see it coming out of the box enough times to answer them all.

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