Meebook E-Reader P78 Pro | 7.8” Eink Carta Screen 300PPI | Support Hand Writing | Built-in Adjustable Colour Temperature Light| Android 11 | Ouad Core | Support Google Play Store | 3GB+32GB | Grey

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Meebook E-Reader P78 Pro | 7.8” Eink Carta Screen 300PPI | Support Hand Writing | Built-in Adjustable Colour Temperature Light| Android 11 | Ouad Core | Support Google Play Store | 3GB+32GB | Grey

Meebook E-Reader P78 Pro | 7.8” Eink Carta Screen 300PPI | Support Hand Writing | Built-in Adjustable Colour Temperature Light| Android 11 | Ouad Core | Support Google Play Store | 3GB+32GB | Grey

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This means that as well as installing your favourite e-readers, you can also install a plethora of other apps.

Meebook P78 Pro - Good e-Reader Boyue Meebook P78 Pro - Good e-Reader

Next, I started the Meebook for the first time. Staring up… Language selection Wifi configuration User interface selection Sleep settings And we’re in… Design & Build There is also a respectable 32Gb of storage space, which can be expanded by inserting an SD Card. This should be more than sufficient for most people’s notebooks, apps and ebook libraries. The case is okay – as you would expect, it does not have the premium feel of the folios of some of the more expensive e-ink tablets, but it feels good enough to do the job. The Meebook is squeezed into a flexible gel casing which holds it in place very snugly, without danger of it becoming loose and falling out. There is also a pen loop for the stylus. Hardware You can insert text, images and shapes into your notebooks, which is a nice little addition that not all e-ink tablets are capable of. The lasso selection tool allows you to move, resize, rotate, and copy/paste your handwriting and other elements. Of course, you need to be somewhat technically minded to use the Meebook because it can be a bit unintuitive, has a lot of alert messages that are in broken English, and you are unlikely to get any support.In all honesty, the note-taking capabilities of the Meebook are okay. By this, I mean it works; you can write and move/resize stuff, do a bit of drawing, and even add a few shapes or some images or a bit of text. But, if note-taking is your primary use case, the Meebook is way behind the competition. Reading Notebook organisation on the Meebook uses a flat file structure – there is no option to create folders or subfolders for hierarchical organisation. However, there is an option to put notebooks into ‘groups’, which are similar to tags. There is also a search function to easily find notebooks by their filename if you have created an unwieldy number of notebooks. And if you need extra storage space for all your apps, you can increase it by inserting an SD Card. Customer Service

Meebook P78 Pro e-note and e-reader review Haoqing Meebook P78 Pro e-note and e-reader review

Underneath the hood is a Cortex 1.8GHZ quad core processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. There is an SD card on this device, which is capable of an additional 128GB of storage. It has Bluetooth 5.1, WIFI 2.4/5G, and has a USB-C port for transferring data and charging. It is powered by a 3200 mAH battery, which should provide a few weeks of usage. Latency (the time between the pen touching the screen and a mark being made) is discernible – it is only a fraction of a second and it doesn’t make the experience unbearable but it is noticeable. And because I am used to writing on e-ink screens that have indiscernible latency, this was an issue for me. Inside the box were the Meebook tablet, a small instruction leaflet (more Chinglish), and a USB-C cable.The pen has two buttons – one is a stroke eraser and the other is a selection eraser. So, they’re both erasers – it would have been useful to be able to change one of them to the lasso selection tool but if there’s a setting for it, I was unable to find it. With its onboard speakers and microphone, the Meebook can also be used for things like audiobooks, text-to-speech, listening to podcasts, and recording voice notes. The hardware specs of the Meebook P78 Pro include a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, with 3Gb Ram, which is pretty solid for an e-ink tablet.

Meebook P78 Pro and third party universal - Reddit Quick Review of the Meebook P78 Pro and third party universal

As I said before if you are buying a 7.8″ tablet primarily for note-taking, there are far better alternatives on the market and I would recommend spending a bit of extra cash to get either a:The Mebook P78 Pro provides a ton of value. It doesn’t excel at any one thing, but does a bunch of things in a satisfactory way. Reading comics, books and manga is fluid and responsive. Writing on PDF files is passable, but not excellent. Drawing, taking notes or just doodling is OK, but you will get a better experience with other competing products such as the Nova Air, or Supernote A6X. Video and audio is on board and although neither of them are tremendously high quality, it can do them both adequately So, before buying a Meebook, you need to be aware that customer support may not be available, and if you have an issue, unfortunately, you are on your own. On a pure hardware level, the P78 is a deadly device. The hardware is really solid, and enough were manufactured to meet demand. On the software side of things, the menu system is bright and bubbly, with enough features to appeal towards the average user who wants to read books, but also do some light drawing, or note taking. Business users can buy it to replace paper in the office, and sign documents. Students will also see value, since the 7.8 inch screen makes it extremely portable, a Bluetooth keyboard will ensure you can manually take notes.

Meebook P78 Pro Review: Great for reading, okay for writing, and Meebook P78 Pro Review: Great for reading, okay for writing, and

There is a ton of storage for your digital collection, since it has 32GB of storage, but also supports up to 128GB of extra space via the SD card. This will ensure your entire personal collection of PDF files, books, manga, audiobooks can all be there, when you need them. The file system automatically puts everything into nice little folders, so management is a breeze. Unfortunately, there is no way to export your notebooks straight to any other clouds, although it is possible to use a third-party app to synchronise your local export folder with a folder on your cloud drive. The Meebook is shipped with a Chinese dictionary, so you will need to manually install a dictionary in your own language. Having said that, not all apps are designed to work well with an e-ink screen. For example, Youtube technically works but the low refresh rate means it is a very poor experience. There is an option on the top menu bar to switch to A2 refresh mode, which improves the performance slightly, but it’s still not something you would choose to use an e-ink screen for.Audiobooks and podcasts make this a very good choice. You can listen through the two speakers, which have middling quality. They certainly aren’t up to the level of the iPad or other flagship smartphones, but they are good for E INK screens. Using the default music player the Meebook supports MP3, OGG and WMA. This app relies on you having to sideload in audio content. Of course, with Google Play, the world is your oyster. I recommend Audible for audiobooks or Overdrive Libby for audiobooks from your local library. Spotify is solid for music and podcasts, although you need a subscription for the most value. Although it is more affordable than other e-ink tablets in its class, there does not seem to be an awful lot of literature about it – and the manufacturer has a very limited online presence. For me, this makes the stylus feel quite top-heavy and unbalanced. It also means that at some point the battery is going to die and I will no longer be able to write unless I am also carrying a spare battery around with me! If I were using the Meebook as my primary note-taking device, I imagine this could be a little frustrating! It has a 3200mAh battery, which is one of the best in its class, and should give several weeks’ worth of reading time.

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