Masters of the Universe Origins Leech Action Figure with Accessories, 5.5 In MOTU Collectible Toy with Accessories

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Masters of the Universe Origins Leech Action Figure with Accessories, 5.5 In MOTU Collectible Toy with Accessories

Masters of the Universe Origins Leech Action Figure with Accessories, 5.5 In MOTU Collectible Toy with Accessories

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Masters of the Universe was produced in Malaysia for both the American and International market. A total 33 figures were produced. The majority were readily available for sale in the USA, with Prince Adam and Terror Claws Skeletor as the notable exceptions. Malaysia figures tend to be characterized by high quality mold and paint apps and include many of the finals wave 5 + 6 releases. Notable variants in this COO (Country of Origin) include He-Man (both hard and soft head), Faker hard head (both small and big feet), and the Euro Prince Adam (both hard and soft head). We do offer a DEPOSIT method of 99p per item. Once we receive the product we will invoice you for the remaining balance. Though unnamed in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, character designer Rae Gaiger later confirmed that the unnamed amphibious creature who was part of Admiral Scurvy's crew was, indeed, Leech [9]. Leech was an immense sea monster summoned from the ocean depths by Hordak to fight against He-Man and the Heroic Warriors. Initially depicted as an enormous behemoth of a creature (though he appeared to have the ability to change size at will), he was enough to terrify even Mer-Man, who pleaded with the heroic warriors to save him from the beast. Leech could use his suction cups to drain the power from both living and organic matter, even draining the Land Shark of its energy [1]. At only 2 figures produced, the Greece factory had the smallest line of all COOs. Nevertheless, Greece figures are absolutely stunning and quite a challenge to acquire.

Checklist – Motu Vintage Variants Figure Checklist – Motu Vintage Variants

Congost for the Spain line produced a whopping 67 figures! While Spain figures tend to more or less resemble their American release counterparts, they have a number of important standouts. Perhaps the most well known are the Laser Power He-Man and Laser Light Skeletor figures (only produced in Spain and Italy towards the end of the line). Some of my favorite Spain figures are not as well known, yet truly amazing, such as the Fisto with lilac Katana and Mosquitor with blue gun. When the Snake Men returned to Eternia from their banishment in the Void, Adam used the Power of Grayskull to create upgraded armor more adapted to combat his new reptilian enemy. Equipped with a venom-proof shield and a cordite snake pincher. Adam is now fully protected in his Snake Armor, ready to fight off King Hssss and his army of snake warriors! Eventually, Adam was forced to used his armor to battle against his former friend and mentor Duncan who had been hideously transformed by the Serpent’s Ring into a Snake Man. Refusing to kill Duncan, Adam’s Snake Armor was destroyed by Snake Man-At-Arms’ newly invented neutralizer blaster which could disrupt the Power of Grayskull itself! Snake Armor He-Man MOTU Classics Bio Bolt-Man (Rulers of the Sun) According to our trusted Toy Habits source, we got the beat on who is coming down the pipeline for MOTU Origins in 2023! As we’ve said before, Mattel reserves the right to change figure assortments so we are not going to get hung up on which Wave these figures will be in but rejoice in knowing that some really cool figures are coming down the pipeline for Origins! Also, since these are leaked and rumored figures, we are using their vintage or other previous releases as stand-ins for now until we get official images. MOTU Origins Single Carded Figures Snake Armor He-Man Leech was a prominent member of Catra's force squad. Hordak once commented that Leech and his other henchmen were a product of Horde science [3].

Lone Wolf and Cub

Who knows but what we do know is that there are a gaggle of Origins figures still yet to be revealed and released from Mattel’s March Madness reveals so please take a look at all of the official, rumored, and leaked articles to find out what could be coming to Origins in 2023! From Mattel's "Masters of the Universe" series come this highly articulated and fully posable action figure.

Masters of the Universe: Origins Deluxe Leech | Toy Snowman

The Italy factory produced 11 (5.5”) figures, plus both Giants (Tytus and Megator). Of those 5.5” figures, they produced both Laser figures just like the Spain line. Other standouts in the Italy line are the Saurod with pinkish-bronze hues and Battle Armor He-Man with unique yellow highlights. Leech was part of Admiral Scurvy's pirate crew. He assisted Scurvy in kidnapping Sea Hawk (who had previously set the Admiral's ship on fire) and turning him, Swift Wind and Bow over to Octavia in exchange for a ransom [6]. Hong Kong (and China) produced a total of 29 figures. A number of them are highly sought after wave 6 figures such as the fan favorite Scareglow, Ninjor and Sorceress. All 29 figures were produced for the American market, but some had variants that were only for Euro Release (such as the Big Feet Skeletor). Leech was thereafter seen as a regular member of Hordak's forces, once facing off against Jitsu during a melee with Skeletor's evil warriors [2]. Top Toys in Argentina produced a total of 40 figures for the Masters of the Universe vintage line. Due to quality control, production and mold issues they appear to have made the largest amount of variants of any other COO. This has led to TT figures being highly collectable and sought after for their differences. You will find for example, He-man having well over 15 variations! Top Toys also produced perhaps the most notorious and sought after variant in the world, the Kobra Khan Camuflado (Khamo Khan)! A few other notable variants include Buzz-Off with dark arms, long hair Moss Man, Christmas-colored Modulok, and muscular leg reedition Mer-Man.

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France produced 37 figures for their “Les Maitres De L'Univers” line. The figures tend to be colorful and beautiful, albeit fragile. Standouts of the France line include the 7 soft boot figures (He-Man, Fisto, Man-at-Arms, Jitsu, Triklops, Thunderpunch He-Man, and Battle Armor He-Man), as well as big arm Fisto with dark katana and Stinkor with blue He-Man mold shield. Masters of the Universe™ Origins deluxe action figures celebrate the original toy line with modernized posing capabilities and a retro feel. Leech would have played a more prominent role in the third season of the 2002 animated series, but it was cancelled before the Horde could return in full. Leech was released by NECA as part of Series 4 of the Masters of the Universe series of mini-statues designed by Four Horsemen Studios. [8] Later, when Horde Prime conquered Etheria, Leech was placed under his mind control, but later freed when She-Ra destroyed Prime [7]. A swappable head and extra set of hands (to switch with the iconic suction cups) help to transform the amphibious character figure and prepare him for battle!

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