Barsa Kelmes: The Nomads Return

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Barsa Kelmes: The Nomads Return

Barsa Kelmes: The Nomads Return

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Barsakelmes Nature Reserve -

During the second half of the 20th century, there was a persistent urban legend about paranormal phenomena occurring on the island. The legend reached its peak in the early 1990s, when popular science magazine Tekhnika Molodyozhi published a large article about these phenomena, listing local medical student Sergey Lukyanenko as their chief source. [3] [4] It told an engaging story of variable flow of time on the island and possible UFO visitation, and featured letters and stories from local fishermen about strange temporal variations, disappearing expeditions, and other mysteries. [3] Saugokite savo prisijungimo priemones: sužinokite daugiau čia. Saugokite savo prisijungimo priemones


During the old times, this place used to be called the island of kulans which are the world’s rarest family of wild donkeys or horse. Kulans resemble Przewalski’s horse, but were not tamed by man but in the 1980-90s, due to drought in the Aral Sea, the animals migrated away from the island. Nowadays, most of these ungulates live in the territory of the Altyn-Emel National Park.

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This article is about the former island. For other uses, see Barsakelmes (disambiguation). Detail of 1853 map of the Aral Sea (from the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, Vol. 23, 1853, to accompany "Survey of the Sea of Aral by Commander A. Butakoff, Imperial Russian Navy, 1848 & 1849") Taras Shevchenko: Tent of the expedition on the island of Barsa-Kelmes, 1848 Welcome to Kelme UK managed by Sports Distribution Ltd the exclusive Distribution Partner of Kelme. Kelmė's name is likelty derived from the Lithuanian word kelmynės, literally: the stubby place, because of the forests that were there at the time of its founding. [1] [2] History [ edit ]The first recorded survey of Barsa-Kelmes was made in August 1848, when Geographer A. Maksheyev and topographer A. Akishev made a topographical survey of the island and described its landscape. The first sketches of the local flora and fauna were made by Taras Shevchenko. It encompasses the Barsa-Kelmes Nature Reserve. Because of the native salt deposits, visitors are recommended to close their eyes during dust storms and strong winds.

Kelmės rajono savivaldybė / Kelmė district municipality | Kelme Kelmės rajono savivaldybė / Kelmė district municipality | Kelme

Kelmė ( pronunciation ⓘ) is a city in northwestern Lithuania, a historical region of Samogitia. It has a population of 8,206 and is the administrative center of the Kelmė District Municipality. Barsa-Kelmes" means "the place of no return". It was given such a name because of number of stories by people (or groups of people) returning after years or even decades after going to the island whilst those people were saying of only 2 or 3 days. [2] During the Soviet time, in 1929, the Island was turned into the hunting area for local sandy gophers. Other rare species of birds and mammals like partridges, gazelles and saigas, rare on the mainland, were also imported here. For a short time, fishing was carried out from Barskelmes and during that time houses and holes for freshwater were built after a long search for the scarce potable water sources.

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Kelme’s latest introduction into the UK is as the technical sponsor of Watford FC. We also have an established foothold in some of Europe’s other top leagues with Espanyol, Alaves, Huesca and Dynamo Moscow all wearing the Kelme claw. Barsakelmes translated from Kazakh means “the land of no return” and it is not hard to understand the origin of this name after visiting the place. Barsa kelmes was once was the largest island in the Aral Seaabout 10 m higher than the original lake surfacebut today it is a peninsula in the desert and connected to the mainland from the east. The park is located 180 kilometers southwest from the city of Aralsk, in Atalsky district of Kyzylorda region . Barsa-Kelmes Natural Park was founded in 1939 and it occupies the territory of 30 000 ha. This former island should not be mixed with the Barsa Kelmes lake in Uzbekistan, not far from Aral Sea. Barsa-Kelmes ( Russian: Барсакельмес, Kazakh: Барсакелмес, Barsakelmes meaning "the place of no return") is a former island, the largest in the Aral Sea. Its area was 133km 2 in the 1980s, [1] but as the sea became more shallow it steadily grew, until in the 1990s it ceased to be an island. Its highest altitude is 113m. Prior to World War II, Kelmė ( Yiddish: Kelm) was home to a famous Rabbinical College, the Kelm Talmud Torah. According to an 1897 census, 2,710 of Kelme's 3,914 inhabitants were members of the town's Jewish population, the vast majority of whom were merchants and traders and lived in the town. Most of the Jews in Kelmė rural district were murdered during a mass execution on 29 July 1941. On August 22 a second mass execution occurred. On 2 October 1941, some Kelmė and Vaiguva Jews were murdered in Žagarė. The executions were committed by the Germans soldiers, auxiliary police and Lithuanian collaborators. [3] In total, the number of victims is 1,250-1,300 people.

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Gilius – vienas iš dviejų Tytuvėnus siekiančių ežerų. Žavus jis medžiais apaugusiomis kalvomis, nenusakomos žalsvai melsvos spalvos vėsiu vandeniu, daugybe įtekančių šaltinių ir pelkėtomis pakrantėmis. Giliausia vieta siekia net 23 metrus. Gvidone Miklovaite Palendriai – kaimas Kelmės rajone, 2 km į šiaurės rytus nuo Paramočio. Pietvakariuose prateka Lendrės upelis. Stovi Palendrių Aušros Vartų Marijos bažnyčia, yra vienuolynas.

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