Sennheiser HD6XX Open Back Professional Headphones - Black

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Sennheiser HD6XX Open Back Professional Headphones - Black

Sennheiser HD6XX Open Back Professional Headphones - Black

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And if we talk about the bass sound, it’s so rigid and warm, and the midrange sounds also dip close to the glowing colors of analog tape saturation.

Crinacle also likes the Dusk which is one of the worst IEM that was ever made. I have not met a single person that likes the Dusk in real life. Everyone just says the treble is so painful, they rather not listen to music. Either that or the “in-the-other-room effect” which is very self-explanatory. You know, that muffled bass-forward character whenever you hear music playing in a different room. This one is easier to correlate with its mangled tuning. They feel "cheap", as in lightweight and plasticy. But, I actually don't mind this at all, so don't think of it as an insult. I just wanted to mention that because I feel someone will equate that with not “feeling premium”. The HD6XX can easily provide a pleasing audio experience as it offers a nice mixture of an amazing and warm sonic quality and near clinical dedication to the originally rendered recording. And all these have made this signature dynamic-driven headphone the best of both the mentioned worlds. I originally didn't notice because in music I couldn't tell the difference. I still can't. I don't think I listen for that kind of stuff, and my music probably doesn't take advantage of positional audio enough anyway. The difference was only noticeable in competitive shooters, specifically Apex Legends.With the HD580x, you get a sense of height that is noticeably more prominent than the width factor, which hurts separation of instruments and makes it more of a vocalist’s ideal headphone and not one suited for wide sounding recordings. It’s hard to nail down the right classification for these headphones because they’re technically all of the above. Yes, the HD8XX comes off as fairly warm due to the contrast between the lower and upper mids; yes, the HD8XX is technically “V”-shaped due to its mids being less emphasised than its bass and treble; and yes, all of these characterisations basically revolve around a distinct centre-midrange “hole”. On the headband there is a foam padding, which prevents pressure pain as far as possible and allows wearing the headphones for a long time. Extremely small sound stage . All sounds are coming into your head in one narrow spot . Not saying sounds are unclear , but they all sound from same place same direction. This makes classical music , live performance extremely biased and unenjoyable. In the high frequencies the HD6XX is a bit more reserved than it should be. It sounds absolutely realistic and provides a lot of information, but in the top end it might be a few dB more without making the sound too bright or artificial in my opinion. This could also give the HD6XX more transparency. Here I would like a more direct response, but as in the bass and mids this is criticism on a high level, because basically the HD6XX does everything right when it comes to natural sound reproduction. Only a little bit the effervescence is missing, but life is not a rainbow-colored unicorn and therefore you can't really blame the HD6XX when it tries to stay authentic. Sibilants or peaks I can't make out, which makes for an absolutely safe and fatigue-free sound experience. Tonal correctness is clearly more important for the HD6XX than the big show.

The Sennheiser HD650 has a very good sound quality as the sound distortion is very low. Though a little high-frequency coloration might occur, it is not that much to care about. The bass sound is really warm and good and the details of the sounds can listen in an exceptional manner. The HD 6XX are a welcome and brilliantly executed second generation for one of Sennheiser’s best values, and a chance to nab easily accessible audiophile sound for a serious bargain. Is there a better alternative? As a result, it might not give the sound you want if you connect it with your phone. It will be good to use with computers, however, you will still need an app for that so that you can get the exact sound you need. Clamp . It’s hurting my head after 20mins. This is a music gear not jail torturing device . German please fix it .

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There are more examples, of course, but at the end of the day there is very little to argue in favour of the HD8XX’s tonal balance. It has the Hifiman centre-mid dip taken to an almost caricatural level that I’ve never heard in another headphone before, so while meaner fellows like I would brand the HD8XX as a terrible, no-good, very-bad headphone, the nicer amongst you may perhaps call it “unique-sounding”. I feel cheaper IEMs are competitive with this headphone in terms of detailing and tuning; at the bare minimum, excel at sub bass. A few weeks ago, I got my ears around the Massdrop HD58x Jubilee and have been in a conundrum of my own ever since. I have owned every Sennheiser model in the HD over ears series and enjoyed pretty much all of them, save for a few. The Heron 5 is also wider than tall and not extremely forward. So, when referencing the HD58x with this amplifier, the experience feels wildly different in a physical sense. However, again, the HD6xx is the scaling champion in the mid-tier world. If you have a very nice middle tier or lower end or Summit level amplifier and DAC already, then the HD6xx churns itself into a more clean and clear feeling experience. But you NEED that for the HD6xx. Many people have owned the HD 650 for a decade-plus, and given that they have replaceable cables and are very well made, they should last for a very long time if treated right. Should you buy it?

If you use the HD6XX with mobiles, you may not get the sound you want. So, it’s a better idea if you keep using it with your desktops and laptops only, which can bring in the great audio output. Sound System and Quality If you’ve heard the HD800/S then you should have a pretty good idea on how the HD8XX performs technically. Top-class resolution with some of the widest (some say the widest) soundstage in a headphone are the prime reasons why the HD800 series still remain relevant more than 10 years since their release in 2009. And if you try to use them in noisy places, it will ruin the sound quality and also you might use a volume with unsafe hearing levels, which can cause damages to your ears. I guess i find myself unfairly putting the HD6XX down because it doesnt appear to me like a 'proper' factory Sennheiser headphone despite the general consensus on this forum being that theyre essentially interchangeable. Any insight from members who own one or both of the models would be appreciated. I dont own either (instead owning the Grado SR325i amped with a Fiio A5) but i have always wanted a HD650 and want to know whether i should consider the HD6XX as a solid contender but will get the HD650 if it offers more.Four years ago there was even a meme on the then-fabled HD8XX (with an entire saga between said memer and Massdrop thereafter), and years after that the masses continued clamouring on and on for the HD6XX-equivalent to the HD800. For years the community heard nothing… right up to the beginning of 2021. The HD560S can be described as simply “neutral”. Some may argue that it’s closer to being “bright-neutral”, but in comparison to something like the HD800S it’s not as peaky. Headphones not only gives great audio experiences, but it also keeps you isolated from the noise of the outside world, and lets you enjoy music peacefully without any interference. So for enjoying music and other things, you must own good headphones.

An AMC Plus free trial does exist, and like a Disney Plus free trial, it’s good for seven days of access to the entire library of content. AMC Plus’ content includes favorites like The Walking Dead, Dark Winds, and Moonhaven. It also gives you access to thousands of hours of incredible movies, ready to watch whenever you are. An AMC Plus free trial also gets you seven days of access to the best content BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV have to offer and full access to Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited. I’m thankful to be one of the very first to have the final production units in hand, and as a HD800 fanboy myself this is certainly one of the more exciting releases in my book. But I’m sure you’re all tired of the expositions so let’s just cut to the chase. Specifically, we’re talking about warm and rigid bass, a midrange that dips close to the ruddy colors of analog tape saturation (without sacrificing an ounce of detail), and a laser-tight response up top that helps illuminate vivid clarity and granular instrumental texture across the board. So yeah, they sound pretty good. Disclaimer : All my words are based on my own experience with senn hd6xx. My own feeing is biased and possibly quite different from others . :) which I fully recognize and respect.

HD58X Specifications

The treble feels identical when using my Shanling M5s DAP by itself and then using the same DAP as a source through my Heron 5. The same test with the HD6xx yields a superior sound quality everywhere when paired with a great amplifier. So if you don’t have a great amp, the HD58x is probably the better choice for you. Fidelity With a very decent depth, the stereo imaging is very amazing too. So, in conclusion, audio-wise, the HD650 is a particularly attractive headphone that can provide any audiophile with a great audio experience. Disclaimer – The product was provided to me free of charge for the review in exchange for my honest opinion. To me, the bass sounded like wet cardboard, flabby, dense and wet. I enjoyed this sound personally though I wouldn't call it the most correct to me. There is not enough sub bass. In the way of raw fidelity, the HD6xx scales so much with superior gear that it makes it the better overall value for audiophiles. The HD58x is the better value for casual listeners who don’t have an expensive rig.

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