GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset 3D Theater Goggles,with Sony OLED 1920x1080x2,HD Giant Screen Display Compatible with Set-top Box, PS4,Xbox,Drone, PC Smart Phone (Black),Eye Strain Relief,

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GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset 3D Theater Goggles,with Sony OLED 1920x1080x2,HD Giant Screen Display Compatible with Set-top Box, PS4,Xbox,Drone, PC Smart Phone (Black),Eye Strain Relief,

GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset 3D Theater Goggles,with Sony OLED 1920x1080x2,HD Giant Screen Display Compatible with Set-top Box, PS4,Xbox,Drone, PC Smart Phone (Black),Eye Strain Relief,

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The Goovis has built-in speakers, but they are pretty weak, so I wouldn’t suggest using them. However, a good, wired headphone set makes all the difference. With headphones on and this display on your face, you might as well be in a movie theater where people are actually quiet, and you can enjoy the movie in peace. Let’s talk about my experience with the Goovis G3 Max and how it might compare to the Apple Vision Pro when it arrives. This is the ‘fourth screen’– high-definition head display, a private high-definition, eye protecting portable giant screen.” Dr. Peng Huajun, the founder of Nader Optics, boldly predicted at the press conference that high-definition head display would probably become the fourth display terminal after TV, computer, mobile phone/pad, breaking the contradiction between giant screen and portable. In terms of mass production, the appearance of G3 Max lenses is required to meet the standard of MIL20-10, which means extremely high cost and manufacturing difficulty. This standard is generally applicable to microscope optical systems, and may only be adopted by GOOVIS in the field of consumer head display.

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The Goovis has higher resolution displays and a better color gamut than the Vision Pro (3,528 vs. 3,400 dpi and >95% vs. >90% DCI-P3), but I doubt you would notice the difference. Portable & Comfortable: The total weight of the main body is only 200g(7.05oz), so you can enjoy your FHD Virtual Giant Screen without worrying about fatigue from the weight. The adjustable headband brings the display closer to the face, providing a more comfortable fit. So, for the money and what both devices will initially be able to do, the Goovis is the better offering, especially since you won’t even be able to buy the Apple device until sometime next year. Though, given Apple’s announcement, I expect we may see a couple more products launch shortly. Mr. Li, the evaluator, said: “It is very convenient for G3 Max to adjust the diopter. Not only is the adjustment more accurate than the previous generation, but also the degree will be displayed on the screen after the power is turned on. It is really humanized. The pupillary distance adjustment is also very convenient.” Experts in near-eye displays, the team behind GOOVIS is committed to producing premium quality products. This commitment extends to GOOVIS HMDs, where 'quality' is the primary product principle. Preventing short-sightedness, dizziness, or eye damage, the HMD features an ultra-high-definition screen - 2 x 0.71"Sony AMOLED micro-display, with only 1.5% distortion, 1920x1080 x2 resolution, and PPI 3147. The device ensures the highest clarity with a 42 PPD (pixel per degree), which is 100% higher than many other VR devices on the market.While the Goovis G3 Max is not as good-looking as the Vision Pro, it does have top support to take the pressure off your face. I have collected the specifications of the G3 Max from various on-line sources. Specifications that relate to the image include the following:

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The birth of GOOVIS G3 Max has experienced more than 1000 days and nights of research and development by Nader’s optical team for three years. The FOV (field of view angle) has been greatly expanded to 65 degrees, the angular resolution is greater than 45PPD, and the definition is improved again or again compared with the previous generation, while the picture frame is increased by 50% compared with the previous generation, creating a real “full field high image quality” high-definition head display with no glare, no stray light, ultra-low distortion, and clear edges… These amazing changes make it a new benchmark for the current high-definition head display.There is an ‘impossible triangle’ in the field of head display. We expect a product to have a huge field of view angle, extremely thin, and extremely high definition, as shown in science fiction movies. However, the field of view angle, definition, and volume just constitute the ‘impossible triangle’ of head display. It is difficult to have the perfect state of the three at the same time in a head display, and we can only choose between them.” Peng Huajun introduced that the team, relying on its solid theoretical foundation and profound technical accumulation, finally faced the difficulties and chose a direction different from that of 99% of VR companies on the market: high-definition head display. GOOVIS G3 Max HD head displays have the characteristics of large mobile screens. The visual impact effect is better than that of traditional displays. They are light in size and can meet the needs of consumers to experience large screen viewing and game entertainment in multiple scenes and poses. The giant screen and portable are perfectly integrated in GOOVIS. At present, GOOVIS series products have been sold well in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, enabling tens of thousands of enthusiasts to experience the beautiful vision of high-definition head displays created by GOOVIS. GOOVIS G3 Max It should be a lot more comfortable to use than Vision Pro, and I have used the Goovis for several hours without leaving marks on my face or being uncomfortable.

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