DISGUISE Official Enderman Minecraft Costumes For Kids, Inflatable Halloween Costumes For Kids One Size

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DISGUISE Official Enderman Minecraft Costumes For Kids, Inflatable Halloween Costumes For Kids One Size

DISGUISE Official Enderman Minecraft Costumes For Kids, Inflatable Halloween Costumes For Kids One Size

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First, if your box still has flaps, remove them, but save the scraps. You can use these to make an inner ring to position the box on the kid’s head and keep it from wiggling around. See the Creeper post for details if you need pointers. Print out the file for the enderman eyes onto waterproof photo paper that is 10×15 centimeters (4×6 inches). Cut off the excess white areas and then cut what’s left in half across the purple stripes. (You want all 3 bands on each section.) Cut each section in half again. (You now have 2 sets of eyes. You only need one, but have an extra one just in case.) Glue the purple eyes onto the box along either edge wherever it looks best on your mask. In our case, we lined them up with the eye holes made in our mask. I then enlarged the holes, even more, to line the eye holes up with the top and bottom of the purple eyes. For the last piece of craft foam, cut a long strip of craft foam that is 9 centimeters wide. (Measure from the top of the head of the person who will wear the costume to the point just above their eyebrows for a more exact measurement. In the case of my son, it was 9 centimeters.) Wrap the strip around their head and cut it to a length just past where the circle overlaps (leaving room to glue the pieces together).

To get an idea of where the eyes will be,have the person try on the headpiece and press against their eyes. Mark the eye area with a piece of chalk. Make sure the marks are centered across the width of the front of the box. If they are off-center, move both marks as needed to center them (keeping the same amount of space between them).

Begin with the square piece and one of the craft foam rectangles. Dispense some of the hot glue along one of the edges of the square and then place the edge of the rectangle perpendicularly into the hot glue. Make sure to use the side that’s 30 centimeters long and line up the edges on either side with the square piece. The idea is to form one side of a “box”. It may be easiest to work in small sections, dispensing about ten centimeters of glue, pushing the craft foam in place, and then continuing until the whole side has been attached. Enlarge the holes into rectangular eye holes that are large enough to give good visibility. (You may want to wait to completely enlarge them until after adding the creepy eyes!) Adding the eerie enderman eyes

If you don’t have a printer, you can use two different shades of purple craft paint to paint the eyes on instead!

We chose battery-operated purple LED fairy lights to add some fun to the costume. Endermen, when not hostile, have purple “flower” or “dust”particles around them. To mimic that, We’ll use the purple lights. Because we’re using LEDs, we don’t have to worry about them heating up so they’re safe to wear. (They also will light up for longer without needing to change the battery.) Valuable Drops: When defeated, Endermen drop valuable resources like Ender Pearls, which are essential for crafting various items in the game. By creating an Enderman costume, you’ll step into the shoes (or rather, the long limbs) of this iconic and mysterious Minecraft creature. You’ll capture the essence of their enigmatic presence and teleportation abilities, becoming a memorable part of the Minecraft universe. Let’s embark on the journey of crafting your very own Enderman costume!

Creepers can be a nuisance, but bumping into Enderman? Woo! You'd better make sure you don't look one in the eyes, or they might just teleport right next to you and get you! They're one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft when provoked... and it makes them one of the most popular baddies in the game. It's also why most kids want to dress up like an Enderman when they wear a Minecraft costume! This version of the character helps your child bring the character into real life! Product Details To hold the box comfortably in place, we’ll be adding a craft foam headband inside the top of the box. This will prevent the box from moving all over the place when worn. The first time my son wore this costume, I hand-sewed the lights in place onto his pants. Not only did it take me longer than I would have liked, but a lot of the stitches broke as he ran around the town on Halloween. It got progressively more difficult to keep them in place. Teleportation Abilities: Endermen can teleport short distances, vanishing from view and reappearing in a new location. This ability makes them unpredictable and elusive in the game.

You may notice that in the photos of the finished costume that the size of the mask is smaller and the eyes are placed slightly differently. When my son was smaller, we had done the costume differently. We also tried making a hole in the foam behind the eyes for single LEDs with batteries to light up the eyes. This year we simplified! Putting the enderman costume together The most difficult part of making the enderman costume is making his head. Don’t worry, though. We were able to whip ours out in less than an hour! (And we were figuring things out as we went along.) Materials: Once cooled, have the person try on the head mask and see if it fits comfortably. Make adjustments as needed before completely gluing the strip in place. If it looks good, run a line of hot glue along the seam to reinforce the band. Cut eye holes Add a strip of translucent fabric to the eye hole so you can’t see the kid’s face. (We tried this for a while, but Mitch didn’t like it.)

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