Einhell Plunge Saw TE-PS 165 (1200 W, Tool-free Adjustment of Cutting Depth + Tilt Angle, High-Grade Carbide Saw Blade, Blade Lock)

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Einhell Plunge Saw TE-PS 165 (1200 W, Tool-free Adjustment of Cutting Depth + Tilt Angle, High-Grade Carbide Saw Blade, Blade Lock)

Einhell Plunge Saw TE-PS 165 (1200 W, Tool-free Adjustment of Cutting Depth + Tilt Angle, High-Grade Carbide Saw Blade, Blade Lock)

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The power cord on the Einhell plunge saw is a good 4 metres in length giving the plunge saw operator a wide range of motion to work with, although the cord itself is of the less-premium PVC type rather than a rubber constitution making it quite rigid and less comfortable to use. Like most power saws, plunge saws are not quiet machines and wearing ear protection is recommended when operating one. This is especially true when the plunge saw is to be used repeatedly over a short period of time or if it is to be used on a regular basis. Scoring

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Unsurprisingly for a budget machine, the Einhell TE-PS 165 has no variable speed control to vary the speed of the blade, with the blade spinning at a single speed of 5200 rpm and limiting the plunge saw, to a small extent, in the applications in which it can be successfully used. However, the Einhell plunge saw still comes with depth and angle adjustments controls, both of which are operated tool-free just like with more expensive plunge saw brands. Plunge saws are not only used to cut wood but with the right blade many plunge saws can be used to cut a number of other materials such as plastic. As a consequence, plunge saws can not only accept different blades for cutting different materials but also a lot of plunge saws have variable speed control integrated into their design to optimise for non-wood cutting. Thus getting a plunge saw with variable speed control will increase the versatility of the plunge saw beyond just regular wood cutting. Weight One of the questions most often asked with plunge saws is whether they are really necessary to own if one already has or plans to get their hands on what is often a cheaper circular saw. Can a circular saw not do pretty much everything a plunge saw can? The answer to that question is yes and no. Although the plunge saw is very much like the well-known circular saw, it has some physical attributes as well as mechanics that are clearly different, and in some situations can produce results that are superior to those obtainable from the familiar circular saw.Like circular saws, plunge saws come in different sizes which is mostly determined by the blade size they use. The most common blade size used by the UK consumer is the 160 mm or 165 mm diameter blade, but larger size machines using larger blades are also available. Another metric to pay attention to, especially when purchasing replacement plunge saw blades is the bore hole diameter of the blade which fits over the motor spindle of the saw. Fortunately, most plunge saw blade bores conform to a single specification of 20 mm in diameter. Maximum Depth of Cuts

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So what are the main differences between the two saw types? Well, first of all, the blade on the plunge saw is completely enclosed and is only exposed during the cut as the handle is pushed down. This allows the plunge saw, as its name indicates, to plunge! In practice, this means that although circular saws have to start cutting from the end of a workpiece, plunge saws can plunge at any point on the workpiece and begin the cut from there.As noted above, plunge saws, like circular saws, can often angle their blades to carry out an angled or beveled cut. The standard maximum angle that the blade can be tilted to is usually 45°. However, in some situations, being able to go a few degrees past the 45° setting can also be useful when doing mitring work, and consequently some plunge saws have been designed to go beyond the 45° mark by two or three degrees. A similar situation is true at the other end of the scale where being able to tilt the blade further than the 0° setting, usually by a single degree, can also be useful for a similar reason. No-load speed As with most power tools, weight is another criteria to take into account when purchasing a plunge saw, as the higher the weight, the more unwieldy the machine and the more tiring it will be for the operator especially if used for extended periods of time. Sound Plunge saws are also the saw to use when cutting wall installation, as one can be very accurate with the cut and the mess that is usually produced when cutting foamy or fibrous insulation can be avoided by employing the superior vacuum system of the plunge saw.

Einhell Plunge Saw TE-PS 165 (1200 W, Tool-free Adjustment of

There are a range of features and technical specifications that one finds on plunge saws. Most of these are outlined below: Power Plunge saws also have a flat side to them which can be used as a guide to cut very close to the edge of a floor or wall, whereas circular saws are generally bulky on both sides of the blade. At the budget end of the market for corded plunge saws, one finds the Einhell TE-PS 165. Although not of the same calibre as professional machines, the Einhell plunge saw is still a good option for DIYers without them needing to break the bank in acquiring one. Important roles for any plunge saw, such as being able to cut perfectly straight lines, make grooves in timber using a depth stop, or being able to cut wood up close to a wall or similar, are all still possible with this budget machine.

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