Doctor Who- The Collection Season 20 (Limited Edition Packaging)

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Doctor Who- The Collection Season 20 (Limited Edition Packaging)

Doctor Who- The Collection Season 20 (Limited Edition Packaging)

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So to be clear, it’s not about rushing the hardworking people on these sets, and I don’t agree with Levine’s take on the silence. For me it’s the not knowing at all what’s going on. It’s only thanks to @Gordon in the comments above regarding Mark Ayers that we finally have some kind of granule of a hint that it may be the actual workload proving greater than maybe initially intended towards a release date with regards to Peter Davison and co. In the US, the release of Tom Baker - Complete Season One was marked with a screening of the aforementioned omnibus edition of Genesis of the Daleks in theatres across the country. The release of Tom Baker - Complete Season Seven was similarly promoted with an omnibus screening of Logopolis, demonstrating the revised visual effects. Both screenings featured exclusive bonus content after the showing, and were organised by Fathom Events in partnership with BBC Studios.

Another new feature filled with poignant moments is ‘ Looking for Lennie‘. Host Toby Hadoke ventures out to uncover more details of Lennie Mayne who directed ‘ The Three Doctors‘ for Season 10. From revealing the details of his tragic demise, Hadoke uncovers a lot of previously unknown information. The conclusion is hugely emotional and it feels only right that this much loved man has received the celebration that his life richly deserved. It consisted of six serials comprised of twenty-two episodes. This was notable for the degree to which it varied from its original plans. It had been commissioned as a 28-part series, and the intent was that it would have actually been broadcast towards the end of 1982. Producer John Nathan-Turner had hoped to use season 20 as a way to reverse the January-March broadcast of season 19. Thus, he had initially obtained permission to record and broadcast season 20 in 1982, thus making season 21 broadcast over the milestone 23 November 1983. Had JN-T got his way, the twentieth anniversary special would have in fact been a part of the regular twenty- first season. The Complete Eighth Series was also released as a special edition (BBCBD0289), with a foil embellished slipcase and a button press sound chip containing the TARDIS dematerialisation sound effect, and four art cards. A Steelbook version (BBCBD0525) was released in 2021. For the 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition released the following year, The Day of the Doctor was presented in 2D only. However, BBC Worldwide kept the slowed down frame rate that had been necessary for the 3D release, resulting in the story being presented at 1080p24. Following complaints from buyers, a disc replacement programme was launched - allowing the disc containing the 'faulty' master to be exchanged for one that had been mastered at 1080i50. Including scripts, exclusive unseen BBC production files, the Radio Times 20 th Anniversary Special and other rarities. PLUS LOTS MOREThe TARDIS crew travel to Amsterdam to revisit locations and reminisce about Season 20 and their time on the programme. LOOK WHO’S DRIVING This nine-disc box set also includes hours of special features previously released on DVD including Documentaries, Featurettes, Audio Commentaries, The Five Doctors Special Edition and more. A Steelbook version of the Complete Specials (BBCBD0470) was released in 2019, with a bonus disc containing animated stories The Infinite Quest and Dreamland.

Odd the person only moans about it during am anniversary year. Last time they complained during it’s 50th year. Don’t hear about them the rest of the time. It’s a shame doesn’t want the work celebrated if they had a relative involved. In July 2023, following the release of Genesis of the Daleks, Pandastorm Pictures announced that they were suspending planned releases of Revelation of the Daleks ( Planet of the Dead) and Time and the Rani ( Terror on Lakertya) due to financial difficulties and changes in the DVD market.

I’m not expecting 4 animated releases a year. There are only a couple of teams working on the animationss. At best we can only expect 2 releases per year, one from each team, or one per year for two/three years while one of the teams works on the Dalek Masterplan (+Mission to the Unknown).

Uniquely, The Infinite Quest and Dreamland both saw their first release on BD as part of a German double-feature in February 2019. The stories were later made available the same year as a bonus disc in the Complete Specials Steelbook in the UK, and The Complete David Tennant Collection in the US. It was revealed that Resurrection was the latest dvd being worked on, and the number of people repeatedly demanding release dates, articles and official announcements led BBC DVD to ban the Restoration Team from saying anything at all about upcoming releases. BBC DVD as it was then even stopped telling the RT what the next release was and removed some decision making from them. So they were working on several upcoming titles with no idea what was out next, and couldn’t talk about anything unreleased – all due to certain “fans” not being able to behave despite repeated cautions. And that’s still the situation we have now, pretty much. It’s exactly the same model. Well, our German label mentioned repeatedly in a podcast and on stage at TimeLash, what strange thing happened in 2021 to their ability to publish Unearthly Child… so I guess, it is not strictly speaking a secret and I can mention it as well. I just question, what happens if the standard sets going forwards will be the ‘revised and corrected’ editions when it comes to the actual video/sound content. That swings it for me, that’s the actual product.RARE CONVENTION FOOTAGE: Including Australian interviews with Peter Davison and Janet Fielding shot during production of this season Region B release is a 2 disc set, and includes previous Eleventh Doctor Christmas specials: A Christmas Carol, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, and The Snowmen. US release is a 1 disc set that only includes the 2013 special. Due to authoring errors, replacement discs were made available for seasons 12 and 18 to correct audio mixing issues. Reissues of these sets included the replacement discs.

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