Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Astra Militarum Army Set (ENGLISH)

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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Astra Militarum Army Set (ENGLISH)

Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Astra Militarum Army Set (ENGLISH)

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Prior to releasing the new T’au Empire book, GW published a string ofreveals outlining much improved subfaction rules for the six different T’au Septs, as well as totally reworked rules for the Mont’ka and Kauyon Tactical Philosophies; Crusade narrative rules including options for something called ‘diplomacy’; and an array of terrifyingly up-powered ranged weaponry(with accompanying Relics) that, by all accounts, are Making T’au Shooting Scary Again. Splash Damage – 1CP: A HELLHOUND can re-roll wounds against a unit in cover with its main gun. The boost here is just way too small – it’s conditional and isn’t going to affect enough shots to be worth the point most of the time. D+

Imperial Commanders Armoury – 1/3CP: Standard extra relic trait. There are lots of things you want out of various regiments and detachments, so good. A Mobile Objective Secured Infantry: Guardsmen with Move, Move, Move are still fantastic. 12″ + 2d6″ movement per turn with 10 Objective Secured idiots still goes a long way even 4 years after the codex has been released. Relic – Pietrov’s MK 45: Relic bolt pistol with AP-1 and D2, but more importantly prevents more than one model fleeing from VALHALLAN units within 6″ Space Marines were always going to be the longest book, with their 8,000,000 different units and bountiful sub-faction rules – but the 9th Edition codex is a seriously chonky tome,incorporating a whole raft of new rules from the Psychic Awakening series and the Adeptus Astartes’ own new Crusade rules. Valhallans don’t see much play, but have a unique capability in their Relic, being the only remaining way to make big squads of conscripts or combine-squad infantry (essentially) fearless since the great commissar debacle of ’07. These days that’s still not enough to put them on the table – the metagame is set up to deal with pure horde lists and that’s the only unique thing they bring to the table.

Regimental Doctrine – Death From Above: Enemy models slain in the shooting phase count as two for the purposes of morale. This desert world is beset by dust storms at all times, so it’s no wonder their Astra Militarum regiment has such an affinity for staying inside their tanks. Staying still on this hot world means death, which shows itself in their Regimental Doctrine Swift as the Wind. This rule lets your Infantry shoot their non-heavy weapons after moving as well as gets rid of any penalties for Vehicles which move and shoot. Their other rules also focus on movement, especially Vehicle movement, making them an ideal fit for a mobile tank division.

Stratagem – Daring Descent – 1CP: When one of your units deep strikes it can drop anywhere more than 5″ away from the enemy instead of 9″. The most notablechange made to the factionin this rulebook was to fully integrate the Sisters of Silence (the Imperium’s all-female arm of psyker hunters) into the army proper, where they had previously operated as an add-on rather than a full force. Besides that, the Custodes got extensively updated subfaction rules for the different Shieldhosts, and new,switchable ‘martial ka’tah’ buffs – as well as theusual bundle of new Stratagems, Relics, and Warlord Traits. You ready to fight the galaxy, private? Hell if I care. Cork your sniffling and get down that ramp lest you find out what happens when Commissar Horst gets upset. He’s an emotional man. Very sensitive about cowardice. Starts quoting the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer at you.”Fire on My Position – 3CP: When a unit with a Voxcaster is wiped out, deal d3 MWs to each enemy unit within 3″ on a 4+. This should cost 1CP, early 8th was a trip. D+ Regimental Doctrine – Mobilised Infantry: Infantry ignore the move/shoot penalty for heavy weapons, and add 1 to their hit rolls on the turn they disembark from a TRANSPORT. Death Guard players had to wait months longer than planned, but when the codex did come, it came along with some extra goodies – primarily the long-teased and fundamentally foul Lord of Virulence model, and a Death Guard Combat Patrol starter box – the first of its kind for a Chaos army. There are a couple of units which sound hilarious on paper but are tragically ineffective on the table

If you’ve just been introduced to a galaxy filled with near-immortal super-soldiers, intergalactic alien invaders, and actual demons and your first thought was, “Well what if I just wanted to play normal people?,” then Astra Militarum is the faction for you. It’s also worth noting while reviewing the options here that there’s a stratagem to hand out an extra warlord trait to a MILITARUM TEMPESTUS CHARACTER, making all the options go up in value as they’re not really competing with Grand Strategist. Astra Militarum tacticsin tabletopWarhammer 40kare all about paying close attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the army. There are many rules and tactics that make the Astra Militarum a compelling force to choose on the battlefield, and, like all the other Warhammer 40k armies, there are a few weaknesses to look out for, too. Sadly, someone has to bring up the rear, and here it’s the Mordian Iron Guard. They’re just kind of bad – none of this is anywhere close to the power level of the good regiments (or honestly really any of the others).The confirmed contents of the Astra Militarum army set (of which all the models are brand new kits)are:

Forwards, for the Emperor!: You may shoot with a unit even if that unit Advanced this turn. Another handy thing you might need to do from time to time. Like many of the new models, we first saw them in the Astra Militarum army set, which includes two full ten-model squads. But they’re now out as standalone kits.As well as new sculpts of the Chaos Space Marine PossessedandChaos Cultists, there were threebrand new, gruesomely mutated kits: the ‘Accursed Cultist Mutants’ and ‘Accursed Cultist Torments’. Meanwhile, there was confirmation of long-standing rumors that the World Eaters traitor legion would have their own codex, and brand new models. Grinding Advance: Allows Leman Russ Battle Tanks to fire their turret weapon twice if they’ve remained stationary or moved under half their movement speed.

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