Archetype Cards: An 80-card Deck with instruction booklet

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Archetype Cards: An 80-card Deck with instruction booklet

Archetype Cards: An 80-card Deck with instruction booklet

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Unless you develop the explorer archetype, you will not mature or experience a rich quality of life. However, sometimes you need to call on the other attributes of the hero archetype – the warrior and the lover. Warrior This archetype also recognises that something has to be destroyed before something new can be created. As we saw with the explorer, there comes a point where you have to leave a job or a relationship so you can grow. There is some cross-over between The Explorer archetype and The Lover. In my opinion, The Explorer is the attributes of the male principle (strength of mind) and The Lover is the feminine principle (emotional qualities). Shadow Explorer cards are no exception. If anything, because they are looking at you as a character, how you see yourself

The animus is the “masculine” aspects of our character. On one hand, he is representative of our need to observe, sense, and form categories, structures and logic in our lives, versus the intuitive and deep emotional understanding of the anima. In other versions, we see them as the wise old man archetype who helps lead the way to ourselves. On the other hand, you could become so obsessed with a project, hobby or vice that it eventually drives you to ruin rather than bringing you joy. Obsessions can cause problems with your relationships and your finances. When the lover archetype is totally absent, people become too structured and disciplined. They have very little flexibility and find it hard to adapt to a change in circumstances.

According to Moore and Gilette, the lover is usually the most repressed archetype in western men. This is due to a patriarchal mentality in which men are not encouraged to express their emotions. As a result, male adults are “not in touch with their feelings.” The contents of the personal unconscious are chiefly the feeling-toned complexes, as they are called; they constitute the personal and private side of psychic life. The contents of the collective unconscious, on the other hand, are known as archetypes.” ~ Carl Jung, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious With a “good King” at the helm, you will have a successful career, raise your children to have strong moral values, earn the respect of others and share a peaceful marriage with your partner. If you retreat too far into solitude, you may even cut people out of your life. Doing so can starve you of emotional nutrition. When the magician energy is unbalanced, you may also have a tendency to analyse your emotions intellectually rather than experiencing the feeling. Moreover, the more you conform to what other people do, you start to lose your sense of identity. Or it doesn’t develop in the first place. This is common in people that do not know what they want to do in life. You may not even know what you like to do.

Not only can loving someone too much lead to infatuation and suffocate your partner, but the intense feelings will inevitably lead to rabid jealousy, disappointment and petty arguments. It will also make you turn a blind eye when your partner is ill-treating you or humiliating you.In some respects, primordial energies contain the purity – and thus innocence – of a child. It is the aspect of your nature that searches for happiness and is easily pleased. The persona is known as the face that we show to the world. It is how we present ourselves to others and how we want to be known and what role we want to play in our society - for example: an artist, a scholar, etc. Jung believed that healthy individuals were able to be quite flexible in the persona that they attach to - in that they understand the multiplicity and varied versions of the self. Understanding the contents of your unconscious is critically important for personal development. Unconscious content is essentially everything you don’t know about yourself yet possess the qualities that can make you all that you can be. Archetypal energy that appears on the shadow side of the hero is a willingness to fight the good fight but for the wrong cause. This can lead you to defend your values and actions or remain loyal to someone even when the facts and motivations are not in your best interests or contribute to the greater good. Without the hero, you will have an unfulfilling life. Unless you evoke the warrior, you don’t fulfil the needs of the explorer which ultimately makes you restless and frustrated.

Although modern academia has digressed from Jung’s original classification of archetypes, the separation helps you to determine which attributes you need to develop or which energies you need to call upon in any given moment. During self-analysis, it is easier to determine which energy you need to develop or to deflate. Moreover, in mythology, the Ruler has a very real fear of being overthrown. So does the ego or the Self in the axis of the conscious mind. The High Priestess - we see in her a Sophia, or a feminine archetype that radiates wisdom and understanding. Adopting the qualities of the caregiver means you are easy to get along with, highly likeable, flexible and always willing to do what is required. It also means you take good care of yourself.The ego is the outwards facing centre that connects with the outside world. This is the aspect of your nature that needs validation from your creative achievements. The Fool - the wide eyed innocence from which we face the world. It’s no coincidence that the self represents the beginning of the major arcana. We were born with mental wholeness, that we lose and regain through our lives.

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