STAEDTLER 110-4B Tradition Graphite Pencil for Drawing & Sketching - 4B (Box of 12)

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STAEDTLER 110-4B Tradition Graphite Pencil for Drawing & Sketching - 4B (Box of 12)

STAEDTLER 110-4B Tradition Graphite Pencil for Drawing & Sketching - 4B (Box of 12)

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I have 10+ years of experience in using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, both for graphic design and for creating unique works of art as well. I hold a degree in graphic design, but nowadays I work as a freelance illustrator and a tutorial author. I specialize in creating realistic art, especially of animals, and I'm good at designing imaginary creatures in a realistic way. I'm a big fan of dragons and feline creatures! Time for the mechanical pencil. Use it to add tiny shadows within the clumps (the big clumps are made of smaller clumps, after all). Be very, very careful—too much of it may destroy the effect. Feel free to copy the shapes of the shadows you see in my drawing. Step 16 They are ideal for creating fine lines and marking fine points because they have harder pencil cores. What Does HB Mean on a Pencil? Now you know how to draw fluffy hair, both short and long. As you can see, fur isn't so hard to draw once you know the rules. You can use this knowledge to draw all kinds of fur now. The composition of H-grade pencil features more clay in the lead which makes it harder, lighter, and able to produce cleaner lines.

Take the HB pencil again and draw "side hair". These curves will define the direction of the fur all over the tail. Remember to make fur bend on the top. Step 6 As we’ve created solid images, we’re going to need a dark shade. The soft nature of a 7B will suit this task and will be suitably dark here, unless your light source is fading. If used with a light hand, H-grade pencil strokes will erase very easily. However, their hardness can easily cause indentations in your paper. This can not only make them difficult to erase but also leaves behind an indentation in your paper even if you are able to remove all the graphite. This may not be all bad if you want to have a more permanent outline that you can shade over, but be certain about those outlines before you press down. And remember, pressing down will dent and possibly even tear the paper. Let's draw a tail with a fluffy texture as an example. Imagine its top is slightly bent away from you. Use the HB pencil to draw the fur's basic shape on the tail. Don't press too hard—we don't want to see the fur sketch later. Step 2 No, buying every pencil grade from 9H-9B is not at all necessary. If you are starting out and unsure, you may want to buy an entire set and see what works best for you. Most likely you will find that a few grades will constantly need to be replaced, while others will hardly ever get used. If you are on a budget, I recommend starting with an HB, 4H, and 4B and go from there.

Graphite Grades

If your drawing requires different types of marks, then an H pencil would come in handy for producing lighter lines and values.

Use the same pencil if you want to add details to the lower part, but avoid any bigger shadows here. This part should be a smooth and soft fluffy texture. Step 17 If you push too hard with an H pencil, it could possibly leave indentations in your paper. Not good. The whole point of using a light pencil that doesn’t leave permanent marks on your paper has been negated if indentations are left behind. Therefore, 9B which is the highest in the range, is the darkest as well as the softest graphite pencil. When a pencil core is made of lower proportions of clay, it becomes softer and produces darker marks.

Take some time to experiment with all different types of drawing pencils. As you do so, take note of which pencils you feel the most comfortable with for various purposes. The more grades you use, the better you work them into each other and the less likely someone is to point out the joins, the better your image will be. Although most of us have heard someone refer to the material within a graphite pencil as "lead", you may be surprised to learn that there isn't any lead there at all. Instead, graphite is a form of carbon and is completely safe for drawing. If you plan to keep your graphite swatch chart to use a reference, make sure to spray it with a workable fixative to prevent any unwanted smudging. You can make your sketches with an H pencil and then use a softer pencil to create darker marks or shades.

Take the 4B pencil and draw some tight, dark shadows on the shadowed side. Don't make them too big! Step 12 Practically, B pencils are used to create features such as dark marks, dark shading, dark lines, dark values, and overall darker features in a drawing. Pencils produced by different manufacturers vary in quality and behavior. Inevitably, each artist will discover their favorites.I have found that Derwent Graphic, Prismacolor Turquoise, and Staedtler Mars Lumograph are among the best choices. But even withthese great pencil choicesavailable, there are other options. The softest mechanical pencil lead grade is 4B because of the thin diameter of mechanical pencil lead compared to wooden pencil lead. As we have already seen, the softest mechanical pencil lead grade is 4B, only available for 0.5 mm pencils.If you notice something you'd like to change, this is the time to do it. However, don't be tempted to add more contrast—the darker the shadows, the harder the clumps will look. Soft fur doesn't have so many clear shadows, because light easily gets through it. 3. How to Draw Short Fur Step 1

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