Not Tonight Fido Bitch Spray 100% Natural Anti-Mate Spray for Dogs Helps to discourage the unwanted attention from male dogs.

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Not Tonight Fido Bitch Spray 100% Natural Anti-Mate Spray for Dogs Helps to discourage the unwanted attention from male dogs.

Not Tonight Fido Bitch Spray 100% Natural Anti-Mate Spray for Dogs Helps to discourage the unwanted attention from male dogs.

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We'll have to play this one by ear I think because the situation may not even arise, as she's not actually due until October. Daro No Mate Spray can be used as a deterrent to keep them away from areas or objects they shouldn't be near. I have used it on one of my bitches and she went on to have a litter with no problems but this cannot be guarenteed. We are obsessive pet parents ourselves, and understand the importance of honestly made products that not only keep dogs comfortable but also care for the planet. We are going away with our 2 dogs next weekend, for a week and although our labrador isn't due to come into heat until mid-October, I was going to pack this product for emergency use.

I think you are right and her scent will carry in the air, possibly a water pistol would be more use. There's a big black dog that is often out at night (when the dog warden has gone home annoyingly) and if Bunny is in season he usually comes by and pines by our back wall.Just thought it worth asking the vet because of what your circumstances could be if a season should occur. For safely storing your K917 spray please see our SP3spray holder, this comes complete with an elastic lanyard to prevent loss and make sure the spray is always at your side when its needed most. I really don't want to not take her for a week or so as she will be so upset and she hates being in season enough as it is! It's also a great tool for pet owners who are struggling with their dog's behavior and need a little extra help.

Looking on the bright side, we don't get many dogs roaming round, only the odd one who has escaped because someone left the door open. I'm sorry but the product hasn't worked and both my females have been spayed so I thought it might have helped to stop my 16 month old male might stop chasing one of my females but no he is being neutered but not for another 5 weeks oh boy it seems a long way off Covid has struck again changing plans. My only complaint is that there is no guidance on the product or as a directions of use leaflet, which is unprofessional when selling a product that could be unwittingly misused on a beloved dog. Absolutely excellent formula - smells lovely / dog has no negative reaction / easy to apply / super-quick dispatch in protective packaging: A+++++++++! Recommended areas - Nape of the neck, chest and behind the ears from where your dog can inhale the aroma of the spray.No chance of her getting away from me so that is not a worry and the only person from the village I see each morning (the only other dog owner in my village who walks dogs properly it seems) only has 2 castrated dogs and they are fine and take no notice.

Bitches in season are not allowed at gundog working tests or field trials - and they should not be on the shooting field either. We have a small dog and a big bull mastiff they fell out over food the small dog had three layers of stitches inside his neck and seven stitches on the outside. I have no idea about the spray I'm afraid, but surely if your dog is spayed, amourous males wouldn't want to visit anyway and there wouldn't be a problem? Defects that develop after 6 months may be repaired, replaced or refunded at the manufacturer’s election, and subject to the relevant manufacturer’s policy or extended warranty.

My intact girl is a very submissive young springer who does not like boys when she is in season let alone when she is not. roll: :lol: The poor boy ended up being doused in the stuff before every outing and was most unimpressed with me. Use it to mark areas where your dog is allowed to go or to reinforce commands during training sessions. This is such a useful defence tool to protect our beloved pets against those that are not in control of their own dogs!

It does help if your in an area without latchkey dogs, the cost of getting your dog back if picked up by the dog warden here, means loose dogs are virtually nil, and in 20 years of lead walking sometimes multiple in season bitches on the streets I have never had a follower. We will be in a large van which is partitioned, so can isolate our dogs from each other if necessary; my dog is cut but still goes through the motions, which annoys both our labrador and myself. Each batch is handmade from a formula developed by a Herbalist of over 40 years experience to supply the most Natural and Safe products for your pet.Jungle Aquatics is not responsible for any harm due to the loss, unauthorised use or distribution of a Coupon. Of course none of them are inclined to tell him to get lost they just try and get away from the unwanted attention. If possible, commence spraying 2 - 3 days before season starts and continue daily until several days after termination.

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