Faraway Smell of Lemon: From the bestselling author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

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Faraway Smell of Lemon: From the bestselling author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Faraway Smell of Lemon: From the bestselling author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

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Rather than dealing with her emotions by expressing them verbally, instead she chooses to throw plates, covering her kitchen floor with the "thousand blue ceramic pins" that were formed, then she "swept the splinters of china into her hands and squeezed until she felt them spike the skin." (This process reminded me a bit of "cutting" that some people do to "relieve" themselves of emotional overload/misery.) This is a small book containing seven short stories which revolve around peripheral characters that were cut from her other works, but whom she has been unable to let go of completely. She describes them as 'making a nuisance of themselves' so she decided to try and quieten them by giving them short stories of their own. I love that idea - the thought that these characters have a life of their own and won't settle until their story has been told. In Trees: much to Sal’s annoyance, Oliver agrees to his elderly father’s request to bring trees. It’s New Year’s Eve, his pregnant girlfriend wants to party, but his father has decided he needs to plant twenty trees to atone. He’ll need to borrow his ex’s van, but Binny is kind, and Oliver finds himself wishing for the company and comfort of her home, what used to be his too, before he messed up his life. This was how it was, she thought. People would find one another, and sometimes it would last moments and sometimes it would last years.” The Boxing Day Ball: Maureen has never been out with the local girls before. Who knew that a disco in the Village Hall could be life-changing?

Now the nurse is a nice part for an older woman. She gets a few laughs...But let’s face it, she’s only she only has a few scenes and she’s not Juliet..the actress thinks very carefully about how best to summarize the plot of Romeo and Juliet and then she says, “Well, it’s all about this nurse. The Marriage Manual: Christmas Eve. Two parents endeavour to construct their son's Christmas present from a DIY kit and in the process find themselves deconstructing their marriage.I really liked her style, very straightforward, yet revealing the "full story" gradually through her interactions with and thoughts about others. Binny was a sympathetic character to whom I could relate, especially her aversion to cleaning house! ;) Though I gather this aversion was one symptom of her depression, resulting from repression of emotion, which becomes clear as the story unfolds. She has lost her parents not so long ago, but refused to cry or show her emotions at that time, then when her current "partner," Oliver ups and leaves her, confessing his affair with another woman who is now pregnant, she is beside herself yet still willing herself to remain stoic.

Trees: As if Christmas wasn't wearing enough, now his elderly parent is asking for a hole in the ground … Father and son break old habits and plant a tree to mark the start of the new year. It has to be said that I even enjoyed the forward. In it the author describes how the characters in this book were sort of ‘left-over’ from her other books. We readers get a tiny glimpse into the author’s mind and how she views the characters portrayed in her fiction. Peripheral characters in her other books whose appearance in them was very minimal, or cut out altogether. She cared enough about their stories that she felt they needed to be told. And I’m glad she did.

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Rachel Joyce, internationally bestselling author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Perfect, delivers an unforgettable Christmas story of moving on from lost love, now available exclusively as an e-short. Binny’s heart has been broken. Oliver, her dreamy “out of work” actor boyfriend has fallen for another and moved out. Binny is the type of person who doesn’t show her true feelings, and doesn’t allow herself to cry. She gets on with things. But it’s all bottled up inside her, waiting to erupt. The other story I enjoyed was the title story, A Snow Garden. A sweet tale of a divorced parent left with his two kids and trying to give them what they want and manage their expectations at the same time - given that they really aren't expecting anything! A bit of magical realism in there, but Joyce actually gives us a decent explanation to go with it which leaves the reader satisfied.

Every once in a while you find a writer that seems to have a way with words that seems to speak directly to you, the reader. It is a talent coveted by many, and one that Rachel Joyce possesses. Her novels “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry“, “The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessey” and “Perfect” have all been favorites of mine. Now, with this book, she has written seven linked stories with a Christmas theme running throughout. The store which Binny finds herself in, is one she would not normally visit. It contains cleaning products. Only cleaning products. Shelves of cleaning products. Lots and lots of cleaning products. Binny and domesticity aren’t the best of friends. This is not her type of store. Over a polishing bonding session (which is where “the scent of lemon” comes into play), Binny discovers that Christmas isn’t all joy and happiness for others either, and that the shop assistant has also had her own heartbreak to deal with. Also over Christmas time. Something far worse than what Binny is going through. There is some terrific humor in these stories as well, which I always love, and as a special surprise, "The Boxing Day Ball" features Maureen, a young girl going to her first dance, and meeting her future husband, Harold Frye.There is much to do, much to prepare, much to mend, but it cannot be done in a day and sometimes it is better to do one small thing.” (from “A Faraway Smell of Lemon”) I’d had this sitting in my kindle library for I don’t know how long. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up and discovered it was a short story, quite apt for the time of year, and indeed, for this extraordinary year!

Christmas at the Airport: There's a technical problem at the airport and everything is stranded and a baby is born. It's a modern version of the Christmas story with an added dose of Joyce cosiness.


She is the award-winning writer of over 30 original afternoon plays and classic adaptations for BBC Radio 4. PDF / EPUB File Name: A_Faraway_Smell_Of_Lemon_-_Rachel_Joyce.pdf, A_Faraway_Smell_Of_Lemon_-_Rachel_Joyce.epub On meeting the shop assistant, Binny discovers that for some people, cleaning can help them de-stress and refocus. Christmas at the Airport: A glitch in the system, travellers stranded and all sorts of lives colliding in the face of a sudden birth... It’s Christmas Eve, and Binny has only five hours to decorate her house and fix a proper dinner. Dropping her children off at school, she runs into town to do some last-minute shopping, yet her mind and heart are wholly elsewhere. Fighting off the sting of recent heartbreak, Binny stumbles into a small store, and in striking up conversation with the saleswoman she is suddenly overcome with memories of old friends, family, loves that have come and gone. And in this tiny shop, in the unlikely company of a complete stranger, Binny discovers a surprising sense of peace.

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